Action Plan in Report Preparation Process

Describing the action plan in the report preparation process is very important as it concludes the report by defining the final actions to be taken care of. An ideal action plan consists of all abnormal behavior in findings to motivate the organization to focus on these aspects and determine desirable strategies tackle these situations. Typically an action plan should show the following aspects in the report:

  1. Positive aspects - It should describe the fields in which organization is doing better than expectation of customers and competitors. The actual report contains description of questionnaire and interviews and the respective responses are scaled accordingly. The responses are analyzed with respect to market benchmarks. If the figures are above expectation it means the organization is doing good in those aspects and strategies could be determined to continue to serve in the same manner or enhance them more. Action plan depicts this information to give straightforward outcomes to show the leadership aspects of the organization.

  2. Negative Aspects - It should also describe the fields in which organization is not doing so well as compared to other competitors and is not meeting the customer expectations. It also shows the areas where organization is meeting customer expectations but is not catching up with competitors and is lagging behind them. This information will help the organization to define enhanced strategies to improve related processes and try to do better in these aspects and remain competitive for others.

  3. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Action plan shows the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty according to the analyzed report. This describes in which fields the organization needs improvement and how, what are the reasons for the downfall and what strategies to follow to cope up with this to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apart from the above aspects there are many other information that is provided by action plans like providing analyzed information regarding what type of products are being preferred by customers in the current market scenario, what technologies basically are used in implementing these products so that they serve in more efficient way. The action plans also give other useful information. The entire process is properly documented with respect to organizational standards so that it can be referred in future for decision making process or to change or modify any specific process or module. This report contains overall architecture of the project depicting all the processes with the help of tables, graphs and figures to provoke impact and clarity.

An organization must define all the objectives in accordance to action plan. The results from this information are very important and significant for the organization and show success factors also which depict the trend of the organization by determining weak and strong points and how they stand stood in the market.

The organizations can totally rely on action plans as far as they are created and analyzed in an efficient way. The analysis report could improve the overall functionality and analysis of an organization and hence it is necessary to indulge professionals in performing these analysis processes on a regular basic and before kicking off any new project. The information analyzed in the report is dominantly inserted into CRM system to automate the final process of implementation. The information gets more prominent after being manipulated in a CRM system and can be used efficiently to derive more desirable results.

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