Need of Relationship with Customers

Building relationship with customers in current market trends is the most important aspect that an organization should focus on. Distinction and eminence are now most sustainable and affirm for which developing good relationship with customers is must. Some of the substantial outcomes of building a quality relationship is explained below by which need of relationship with customer are insight:

  1. Better Customer perceptiveness- As the customer lengthens to deal with a supplier, the supplier tends to explicate a better insight of customer’s needs and expectations. By this a high level of relationship can be developed between them. This will result in selling more products and retain the business with the customers which finally will lead to profitable business.

  2. Lead to Customer Satisfaction- Customer satisfaction is the measure of how the needs and responses are collaborated and delivered to excel customer expectation. It can only be attained if the customer has an overall good relationship with the supplier. In today’s competitive business marketplace, customer satisfaction is an important performance exponent and basic differentiator of business strategies. Hence, the more is customer satisfaction; more is the business and the bonding with customer.

  3. Lead to Customer Loyalty- Customer loyalty is the tendency of the customer to remain in business with a particular supplier and buy the products regularly. This is usually seen when a customer is very much satisfied by the supplier and re-visits the organization for business deals, or when he is tended towards re-buying a particular product or brand over times by that supplier. To continue the customer loyalty the most important aspect an organization should focus on is customer satisfaction, hence it can be said that customer loyalty is also an outcome of good relationship.

  4. Lead to Customer Retention- Customer retention is a strategic process to keep or retain the existing customers and not letting them to diverge or defect to other suppliers or organization for business and this only possible when there is a quality relationship between customer and supplier. Usually a loyal customer is tended towards sticking to a particular brand or product as far as his basic needs continue to be properly fulfilled. He does not opt for taking a risk in going for a new product. More is the possibility to retain customers the more is the probability of net growth of business.

  5. Chances of getting referrals- It is always a cost-free advocacy by customers to provide referrals to supplier when they feel satisfied and encouraged and when they have a healthy relationship with customers. These referrals or customer’s reference of other customers acts like a piece of cake for suppliers as there is no cost and struggle involved in this. This could be treated as the best outcome of quality relationship what a supplier can think of.

  6. Growth in revenue- When suppliers have healthy relationship with customers the revenue of the organization always increases as customers tend to buy more and more. There is possibility that a satisfied customer seek to buy special category of related products apart from the regular ones from that particular supplier. For instance if a satisfied and loyal customer has a home insurance from an insurance company then there are positive chances that he could also insure his property and car also if he is fully satisfied with the services of that insurance company. This will definitely result in growth of business.

  7. Cost to serve is low- Cost to serve existing satisfied customers is always very less for the supplier as they know and understand customers. Customers never come back with complaints and queries because they know the actual business flow and completely rely on the relationship with supplier.

By the above substantial outcomes it is prominent that creating and maintaining relationship with customer is always a key to success.

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