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Talent Management - Introduction

Talent Management means managing the ability, competency and power of employees within an organization.

Benefits of Talent Management

Talent management can be a discipline as big as the HR function itself or a small bunch of initiatives aimed at people and organization development. Important benefits of Talent Management are discussed in the article.

Talent Management - Financial Benefits

The article discusses in detail about the Financial Benefits of Talent Manaement.

Talent Management Principles

There are as such no hard and fast rules for succeeding in execution of management practices. However, for convenience sake there are certain principles of talent management that one should follow.

Talent Management Process

To sustain and stay ahead in business, talent management can not be ignored. In order to understand the concept better, let us discuss the stages included in talent management process.

Talent Management Consulting

It is very important to have a talent management strategy in place. Talent management consulting organizations have people who are specialists in the department.

Talent Management - Challenges

Talent Management faces the following opportunities and challenges - Recruiting talent, Training and Developing talent, Retaining talent, Developing Leadership talent and Creating talented ethical culture.

Current Trends in Talent Management

Talent management is now considered as a major HR activity. The discipline is evolving every day. Lets analyze some trends in Talent Management.

Talent Management Myths

The article discusses in detail about the myhts about talent management, the reality and soultion for the same.

Talent Management System

Management systems are very important for organizations. Talent management systems can either be a standalone application or embedded as part of the ERP or other HRMS systems.

Talent Management Strategy

Formulation of a talent management strategy is generally the responsibility of the HR department. Organizations require an integrated approach to talent management.

People Problem in Talent Management

Researches have shown that it is the human factor that is the biggest problem in talent management process. The article discusses in detail about this problem and solution for it.

Talent Management as a Profession

These days when there is so much uncertainty and competetion in the business world, talent management professionals come as a rescue who handle your entire talent management lifecycle.

Employee Value Proposition

Employee value proposition means creating a balance of rewards and recognition in return to an employees performance at workplace. The chapter disusses about the meaning and importance of EVP in detail.

Application of Talent Management

Due to economic recession human resource professionals are under huge pressure to cut costs. Hiring and compensating the best talent in the industry is very important.

Recruitment and Retention

In most of the organizations the recruitment function operates independently of the retention department. The article discusses about relationship between talent management and Recruitment & Retention.

ROI for Talent Management

Organizations are concerned about the return on investment (ROI) of talent management. There are softwares which help us in calculating returns on investment for talent management.

Talent Management for New Generation

Talent management is not only important for hiring people as per the need, it is also important for determining when to hire. The new generation employees are more enterprising and are willing to take risks in their career.

War for Talent in Global Economy

The talent market is more than competitive presently than it was and could be in the next decades. In an economy that is knowledge driven the demand for highly skilled workers is on the rise incessantly.

Talent Marketplace

Organizations nowadays are becoming employee centric. In talent marketplace it is the internal talent mobilization that is the keyword. By mobilizing talent internally, organizations are offering freedom to their managers to use talent from across the length and breadth of organization.

Talent Management & Poaching Talent

Poaching is not unethical on the part of any organization. In fact it showcases a flaw in the organizations retention strategy from where the person is being poached. It basically means that there is fundamentally something wrong in the way the organization compensates its employees.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing talent for leadership positions in the future.

Achieving Competitive Advantage

For organizations to develop competitive advantage, it is very important to define strategic differentiating capabilities and then develop a process for identifying and developing the same.

Performance & Talent Management

Performance management being an integral component of talent management, is aimed at ensuring that the organizational goals are being met effectively and efficiently through individual and collective performance.

The War for Talent and Its Implications

There is a global war for talent between the multinational companies and the workforce that is seeking to derive the maximum advantage from these companies. Lets understand in detail about the war for talent and its implications for global multinationals.

Talent Acquisition and Management

An organization generally avails the services of an HR Consulting Firm to provide with a cost-effective and quick, yet high quality, talent acquisition and management process.

Nurturing, Enabling, and Empowering Talent at the Workplace

This article discusses the specific aspect of identifying potential leaders as part of talent management and ensuring that the climb up the Pyramidal corporate ladder ensures that the best and the brightest reach the top and at the same time, does not create resentment among those left behind.

The War for Talent: How the Best and Brightest are being wooed across Indian Campuses

There is a war for talent in Indian Campuses. Every day, we hear about large salaries that are offered to the best and the brightest. However, this masks a grim reality that other institutes fail to place their students. Thus, there is a need to develop a systemic reform which would make all the institutes’ market-friendly without losing focus on the need to assist the less privileged students. This article examines these themes from multiple perspectives and suggests some steps that the government can take in this regard.

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