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Product Management - Introduction

Product management is a key function in the organizational structure and occupies a place of prominence in the organizational hierarchy. It is cross functional in nature and bridges many departments.

The Need for Product Management

Product management team tracks the entire product lifecycle starting from the conception and incubation to the marketing and after sales phases. Lets understand the need for product management in an organization in detail.

Functions of a Product Manager

Product management requires the product managers involvement in every phase of the product lifecycle. Lets understand the functions of a good product manager in detail.

Value of a Product Manager

The value of a product manager depends on how he/she can take a holistic perspective of the product lifecycle and ensure that the products and brands are developed and marketed.

Product vs Brand Management

Often, people get confused with the concepts of brand management versus product management. Lets understand the important differences between product management and brand management.

Innovation and Product Management

This article looks at how innovation and product management go together in creating value for the company and its customers.

Product Management in IT Companies

The IT (Information Technology) companies need product managers to synthesize and integrate all the functions associated with developing and launching of products in the market.

Product Management in Indian IT Sector

Lets look at the product management in Indian IT companies by referring to some well-known companies and their best practices.

Service Product Management

Lets understand that whether the term service product management or the process of managing the entire lifecycle of services is an oxymoron or is indeed a concept that is realistic and feasible.

What are Successful Principles of Product Management

A successful product manager is always vigilant in their efforts to do whats best for the product theyre selling. The article discusses the 4 most important principles of product management.

Getting New Ideas for Product Development

Generating new ideas is no rocket science but requires out of the box thinking and the passion to do things differently. The article discusses about how new ideas can be generated with the help of an example.

Marketing New Products and Services

The success and failure of a newly introduced product certainly depends on how well it is marketed and promoted among end-users. Let us go through certain tips for marketing new products and services.

Understanding and Managing Product Life Cycle

It is crucial to understand the complete product life cycle before introducing a new product or service in the market. Let us understand in detail about the five stages of product life cycle.

Factors Involved While Deciding New Product or Service

Introducing a new product in the market requires lot of planning. There are several factors which go a long way in deciding how and when a new product should be launched. Let us understand these factors in detail.

New Product Pricing

Pricing is an important parameter while launching a new product or service in the market. The article discusses the various factors which should be considered while deciding the price of the new product or service.

Challenges in New Product Development

Coming out with a new product requires focus, vision, guidance and working out even the minutest details. Let us understand the challenges faced by organizations in developing new products.

Post Product Launch

Successful product launch does not end with merely introducing the new product in the market. Post product launch involves understanding how well your product is accepted by end-users and your esteemed clients.

Dealing with Failure of New Product or Service

When a newly launched product fails to impress customers, it is a huge loss for the respective organization. The article explains how to move on and plan judiciously so that you not only overcome the failure but also revive some part of the losses incurred through product failure.

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