Customers Response and its Advantages

Customer response is the reaction by the organization to the queries and activities of the customer. Dealing with these queries intelligently is very important as small misunderstandings could convey unalike perceptions. Success totally depends on understanding and interpreting these queries and then working out to provide the best solution. During this situation if the supplier wins to satisfy the customer by properly answering to his queries, he succeeds in explicating a professional and emotional relationship with him.

Responses have numerous combinations of features and aspects by which questionnaires can be easily produced.

Following are the situations a customer can fall into after they get responses.

  1. Customers can be totally satisfied by the type of response with a positive feeling towards the respondent.
  2. They can be totally satisfied but without any sort of strong feeling towards the respondent.
  3. Slightly satisfied with the responses but with or without any feelings towards the respondent, depending on the efforts and type of responses provided by the respondent.
  4. They can also be totally dissatisfied by the responses but no hard feelings towards the respondent as the respondent could have delivered the things correctly and efficiently.
  5. They can also be totally dissatisfied by the responses and with negative feelings towards the respondent as the respondent could have messed everything.

As discussed above the customer can fall under any of these situations and develops a perception in his mind regarding the organization depending on the quality and types of responses he gets from the respondent.

If the organization succeeds in satisfying the customer then he wins in developing and maintaining a relationship with that customer and can easily retain him. Contrarily, if the customers find the quality of responses as low and unsatisfactory and supplier’s attitude as unfamiliar and negative then they will surely diverge their way to other organization for better alternatives. By this the organization could finally loose the business with that customer.

Hence, customer response is very important aspect for all organizations to create business relationship and good customer satisfaction and loyalty with their customers. In the same way, for customers it’s a very essential way to judge their suppliers and determine if they can be good suppliers for them or not.

Good customer response is an essential asset for an organization and directly or indirectly always helps them to grow substantially in business.

For example, a customer buys toothpaste from a shop. After opening it he finds the tube half empty from inside. He immediately sends a notification to the manufacturer by launching a complaint. The company in turn promptly sends an apology letter with a new tube of toothpaste. The customer will obviously become happy and satisfied with the prompt response and the fruitful service provided by the manufacturer.

This satisfied customer will propagate the concern shown by the manufacturer for even this small deal to all his friends and family. By this quick and positive response the manufacturer turned that customer to a business ambassador to increase the sales and productivity of business.

Before developing the strategies for customer responses it is important to understand the master plan which indicates how the responses should be modeled according to customer’s attitude which is different in different situations. Giving the right response at right time is the only key factor for successfully building the relationships with customers and influencing them to have long-term business deals.

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