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Public Speaking - Introduction

Public Speaking is defined as the process of communicating with a large group of audience. Lets understand the concept of public speaking with the help of a real life example.

Role of Communication in Effective PS

Communication plays an essential role in public speaking. Effective communication ensures the message reaches the audience in its correct and desired form. Lets understand the importance of communication in public speaking.

Preparing for Public Speaking

Public speaking helps people touch base with a large number of individuals at a single time. Public speaking is not that easy as it sounds. One needs to practice really well for the same.

Public Speaking and Career Growth

Public speaking plays an important role in ones career. Let us go through the role of public speaking in career growth.

Role of Confidence and Attitude in PS

Public speaking is not everyones cup of tea. Not every individual is comfortable standing in front of a large audience and delivering his content. Confidence and attitude play an essential role in public speaking.

Role of Dressing in Public Speaking

Dressing plays an essential role in public speaking. A public speaker needs to dress as per the occasion, time and season.

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