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Public Administration - Introduction

Public administration is like any other administration which is carried out in public interest. Lets understand the different aspects of public administration in detail.

Nature & Scope of Public Administration

Public administration is one of the most important aspect of bureaucracies across the globe. Lets discuss about the nature and scope of public administration in detail.

Public Administration: An Art or a Science

There are many authors who have argued that public administration as an area of study is a science and not art. Lets discuss in details about whether public administration should be regarded as a science or an art or a mixture of both.

Public and Private Administration

Lets discuss about the similarities and differences between public and private administration.

Woodrow Wilsons Vision on PA

Woodrow Wilson the 28th President of USA is often addressed as the father of American Public Administration. The article discusses about Wilsons vision on public administration in detail.

New Public Management

New public management model was introduced by scholars from UK and Australia - Hood 1991 and Hood and Jackson 1991. The model suggests use of businesslike ideas and management models from the private sector.

Approaches to Public Administration

There are many approaches to public administration. Lets discuss about the reason behind the requirement of many approaches of public administration.

Historical and Legal Approach in PA

The Historical approach to public administration talks about the administrative systems, process and policies whereas the legal approach throws light on the legal framework in which the public administration operates.

Institutional Approach to PA

All the government organizations are institutional in many ways and represent the needs and aspirations of the community. Lets understand the institutional approach of public administration in detail.

Behavioral Systems Approach to PA

The behavioral approach to public administration came into existence afer the Human Relations Movement of 1930s. This approach lays emphasis on people who are the center of all the organizational activities.

Closed and Open Models of PA

The closed and open model approach of public administration focuses on the organization itself and views them as an open or a closed system. Lets discuss this model in detail.

Structural Functional Approach to PA

The structural functional approach to public administration was developed by anthropologist Malinowski and Radcliff Brown. According this approach, a society has a structure and functions. Lets understand this approach in detail

Public Policy Approach to PA

The public policy approach encompasses many aspects of government functioning. Lets understand in detail about the public policy approach to public administration.

Political Economy Approach to PA

The Political Economy Approach emphasizes that the government actions need to be in sync with the values, needs and wants of the citizens. Lets understand this approach in detail.

Marxian Approach to PA

Karl Marxs views regarding his areas of work and interests are collectively termed as Marxian. Lets discuss about the Marxians traditions and approach to public administration.

Political Science & Public Administration

Politics and public administration are very closely linked. Lets understand the relationship between political science and public administration.

Role of PA in the Modern State

Public administration provides lot of services to the public. In the modern state, the role of public administration is ever expanding. Lets discuss in detail about the role of public administration in the modern state.

Democratic and Socialist Goals

Democracy is a representative form of Government chosen by the people. The article discusses about the democratic and socialist goals of public administration.

Challenges in a Developed Society

The article discusses about the main features of the public administration in developed countries and the challenges faced by these developed countries.

Challenges in a Developing Society

The article discusses about the features of the public administration in developing countries (like Asia, Africa and Latin America) and the challenges faced by these countries.

Classical Theory of Public Administration

There have been several discussions regarding whether public administration is a science or an art. The classical theory of public administration projects public administration as a science.

Human Relations Theory

The Human Relations Theory of Public Administration considers human beings as individuals with differing psychological motivations and with distinct and dynamic group behavior affecting the overall performances.

Bureaucratic Theory

The bureaucratic theory of public administration was proposed by Max Weber in 1922. Lets discuss in detail about the bureaucratic theory of public administration.

Post Weberian Models

The Weberian models of public administration had brought many changes in the bureaucracy in the early half of the century. Lets discuss more about post weberian models of public administration.

Line Staff and Auxiliary Agencies

It is impossible for a single man to carry out all the administrative responsibilities. We have line staff and auxiliary agencies in public administration to perform various tasks.

Departments as Units of Organizations

Departments are the fundamental units of any administrative organization. Lets understand the basic principles of organization of the departments.

Bureau System Vs Board System

There are 2 main systems namely Bureau System and the Board or Commission system within departments. Lets understand these two systems in detail.

What are Public Enterprises ?

Public enterprises came into existence as a result of the expanding scope of public administration. Lets understand in detail about the origin and the importance of public enterprises.

Administrative Decision Making

Decision Making within an organization is a complex process which is influenced by many factors. Lets understand in detail about administrative decision making.

Personnel Administration

According to authors William Mosher and J. Donald Kingsley, the key to better governance lies in effective personnel management.

Budget in Public Administration

The process of budgets fulfills important functions in any economy. Lets understand in detail the significance and the concept of budget in public administration.

Different Types of Budgets

The public budgets are different from other forms of budgets. The article discusses the various types of budget that are there in the public financial management.

Budgetary Process in Different Countries

The budgeting process has a lot to do with the available resources and wealth of a country. The article discusses about the budgetary process followed by countries like - US, UK, China, India, etc.

Importance of Audit

Audit is a tool of financial control which is used to safeguard an organization against fraud. Lets understand in detail about the importance of audit in public sector organizations.

Law, Regulations and Reforms

To first understand Administrative Law, we need to take a look at what these laws govern. Lets understand in detail about administrative law, regulations and reforms.

What is Development Administration ?

Development Administration is all about projects, programs, policies and ideas which are focused at development of a nation as a whole. Lets learn more about development administration in detail.

Comparative Public Administration

Comparative public administration focuses on public administration as a field of study and research. Lets learn more about comparative public administration.

The Future of Public Administration

This article discusses a timely and relevant topic in political science, which is to do with the government of the future. The article examines the need to innovate and change for the public sector in the west and in the east and the ways in which it can innovate. Further, the article also discusses some trends that have made the public sector innovate and change as well as an analysis of how the government of the future would look like.

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