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Business Process Improvement (BPI)

In the era of globalization, the functioning of organizations have become increasingly competitive and dynamic. It is the Business Processes that define the way organizations exist, function and obtain the competitive edge.

Need for Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvements yields overall benefits in all areas and functions of the Organization. The article discusses in detail about the need and importance of Business Process Improvement (BPI).

Growth and Evolution of Organizations

Organizations are very similar to living beings that respond, react and evolve in relation to the environment. Lets study how organizations grow, evolve, change, mature and also decline over a period of time.

Need for Business Process

To ensure the consistency in quality, the organizations have got to build and base their operations not only people but on business processes. Lets discuss the need and importance of business process in organizations.

Impact of BPR and BPI

Business Process Engineering and Improvements change the manner of perception of the Organizations towards their work force. Those who have adopted the new perception consider their human resources as one of the core elements that is crucial for developing their core competence.

Business Processes & Global Excellence

Managing businesses in highly competitive environment is very complicated. Let us understand how the business processes and business functions are organized for the smooth functioning of business operations.

Change Management and Organizations

It is rightly said that - Change is the Only Constant in Life. There is no place for organizations that continue to exist based on the old organizational philosophies and systems. Lets understand the need and importance of Change Management.

Business Processes & Organizations

Today organizations worldwide have realized the need for adapting business processes to be able to survive in the global scenario. Lets understand in detail how business processes are driving the organizations.

Organizations Gain from BPI

Organizations gain a lot by enhancing their business processes. Business processes are very effective in driving, controlling and managing the business operations.

Business Process Improvement Plan

Starting a business process improvement program requires active support from the top level management. Lets discuss the various stages/steps involved in a Business Process Improvement (BPI) plan.

Executive Implementation Team & BPI

The Executive Implementation Team which comprises of leaders and managers has a very important role to play in success of a BPI program. Lets discuss in detail about the roles and responsibilities of Executive Implementation Team (EIT).

Building a BPI Model

Business Process Improvement (BPI) programs are very effective when they are sponsored by the management. It is highly recommended to form an executive improvement team which owns the responsibility of the BPI program.

Business Cases & BPI Implementation

BPI programs are helpful for the organizations to change their internal business operations to increase the overall efficiency. Lets discuss the management approach to select the business critical processes for proper BPI implementation.

Situations Warranting BPI

The article discusses the various situations in the current business scenario that can be addressed through Business Process Improvement.

Selecting Critical Business Process

Sales Order Management, Procurement, Inventory management, Logistics etc are few of the important areas that requires regular BPI exercise. Lets discuss in detail about the selection of critical business process for BPI Projects.

Business Process Ownership

Choosing the correct process owner is very critical and important for the success of a Business Process Improvement Program. Lets discuss about the business process ownership in detail.

Setting BPI Objectives

A Business Process Improvement (BPI) Program starts with formation of a Executive Implementation Team from amongst the senior managers. Lets discuss in detail about setting and communication of the BPI objectives.

BPI - Preparation Stage

Business process improvement (BPI) programs aim to bring about permanent changes in the processes. The article discusses about the preparation stage of a business process improvement plan.

Preparing for BPI Implementation

Implementation of BPI Program involves setting the objectives/parameters for the project, communicating the BPI roll out to the entire organization and ensuring that the employees align themselves with the program.

BPI Project Planning

Business Process Improvement (BPI) Planning begins with formation of the Executive Implementation Team and Process Improvement Team. Lets understand the BPI Project Planning process in detail.

BPI Project - Process Detailing Exercise

Process Detailing Exercise involves - identifying and examining inputs, the source of inputs and output, the customers that the process is designed to serve and the various sub processes.

BPI - Project Implementation

BPI projects are undertaken to improve internal performance and operational efficiencies. The Project Implementation Team is mainly responsible for managing and driving the project using the Executive Implementation Team.

Introduction to Process Measurement

After the process mapping and overview has been completed, the next step would be to calculate the measurements and targets for the overall process. Lets discuss about the process measurement in detail.

Process Effectiveness Measurement

The first major criterion used for process measurement is - Process Effectiveness. Lets discuss in detail the steps involved and the importance of - Process Effectiveness Measurement.

Process Efficiency Measurement

Process Efficiency is one of the most important criteria for measurement of a process. Process Efficiency is important for Customer expectations and the promise to the Customer as well as to the overall operational cost.

BPI - Training Requirements

To implement the BPI Project, the process improvement team members would require training in different areas like - BPI concept and methodology, basic problem saving and team working concepts and tools, etc.

Process Adaptability Improvement

Its rightly said that - Change is the only Constant in life. Every Business is changing its way of doing business to suit the customer expectations. The article discusses about the process adabtability and the ways to measure it.

Flow Chart as BPI Tool

Flow Chart is one of the basic tools used in business improvement projects. It is a graphical representation of the process using symbols, lines and words.

Different Types of Flow Charts

The article discusses in detail the different types of Flow Charts used in various projects, namely - Block Diagrams, ANSI Flow Charts, Functional Flow Charts and Geographic Flow Charts.

Information Processing Flowcharts

Flow Charts are one of the most common tool that is used widely in business operations. Information processing flow charts are used to follow through the flow of information. Lets discuss the information processing flowcharts in detail.

Flow Charts and QC Tools

BPI projects use several tools in the project, like - QC and statistical tools and flow charts of different types. Lets discuss the importance of flow charts and other quality control tools in business process improvement (BPI).

Working through BPI Project

Business Process Improvement projects help organizations to initiate changes. The articles discusses the various stages of a business process improvement project.

Understanding People and Process

For a BPI Project to run successfully it is very important to examine and analyze the process in detail, and also understand the skill sets and capabilities of people involved in the project.

Process Walk through on the Floor

In a BPI Project, the process walk through is better understood if the it is carried out with people who are directly involved in the process. Lets understand how the process walk through is carried on the floor.

Process Walk Through & Analysis

The process walk through exercise includes conducting interviews with the employees so as to analyze the process in detail. The Interviews cover several angles including but not limited to the qualification, the skills, the attitude and ability of the individual to carry out the task, etc.

Process Measurement Analysis

Process walkthrough provides a feedback for the process improvement team members on problem areas. Lets discuss in detail about the process measurement analysis.

An Introduction to Process Documentation

This article explains the importance of process documentation. It explains the concept in detail and provides a framework to capture process information. Also, the problems faced during this exercise have been mentioned along with the tools required to mitigate them.

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