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Human Capital Management

Human Capital management refers to managing the employees to contribute significantly in the overall productivity of organization. This includes acquiring, training, managing and retaining employees.

Human Capital Management Drivers

Human Capital Management Drivers act as catalysts for an effective human resource management. The article discusses the drivers of human capital management which falls under five main categories.

Importance of HCM

Human Capital Management is essential for hiring, managing, training and retaining employees. Lets discuss the Importance of Human Capital Management in detail.

Benefits of Human Capital Management

Human management refers to managing employees so that they can contribute effectively towards the organization. The article discusses the benefits of human capital management in detail.

Ways for Organizations to Increase HC

The article discusses the various ways which helps an organization to increase its human capital. Like - constant trainings, monitoring performance. defining job responsibilities, motivation etc.

Ways for an Individual to Boost HC

Let us go through the various ways which can help the employees to boost their Human Capital.

Strategic Human Capital Plan

Strategic Human Capital Management refers to alignment of human capital strategies with the goals and mission of an organization. Let us go through the key components of a Strategic Human Capital Plan.

Unique Skill Set Model

Unique Skill Set Model of Human Capital Management also known as USS Model, highlights the importance of hiring skilled employees for the organizations.

Common Resource Pool Model

Common Resource Pool is a group of people from which human resource professionals hire employees. Lets understand the Common Resource Pool Model of Human Capital Management in detail.

Hybrid Model of HC Management

Hybrid Model of human capital management is a mixture of common resource pool model and unique skill set model. Lets understand the steps that should be followed in the hybrid model along with its benefits.

The Age of Oversupply: Why the Future Would be Demanding on the Present Generation

This article discusses the paradox that is confronting companies as they contend with too many applicants for job and at the same time have excess capital with dwindling resources. The net result is that jobs are being created in the services sector, which can mean anything from high end finance, and IT to low end retail stores.

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