Articles on Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence - Introduction

Workplace Violence refers to any form of intimidation/harassment that result in injuries or any instance of attack which is verbal in nature.

Workplace Violence in Maruti Factory

The article discusses in detail about the recent incidents of workplace violence in the maruti factory in india and the foxconn plant in china and how it affects the industrial relations between the unions and the management.

How to Avoid Workplace Violence ?

This article discusses some ways on how to avoid workplace violence and prevent violent incidents from happening in the organizations.

The Dwindling Importance of Workers Unions

This article discusses the dwindling importance of workers’ unions and lists the reasons for the same. The key theme in the article is that while there is no reason for unions to hold corporations hostage, there is also no reason for the corporations to completely enfeeble the unions as a healthy and productive workplace is only actualized when both sides are engaged in consensual and amicable dialogue.

How Corporates Must Handle the Wave of #MeToo Allegations and Their Fallout

With the #MeToo movement reaching India and other countries after starting in the United States, it is time for corporates to acknowledge and address the issue as well as provide redress and justice instead of denial and a culture of silence. Moreover, the #MeToo movement must be the tipping point that would catalyze corporates to say #No More. This article examines these themes using concepts and theories from Behavioral Psychology and Organizational Culture.

Why Workplace Bullying is Real and How Organizations Can Tackle This Menace

This article defines what workplace bullying is and how organizations can tackle this menace. Using theories and practical instances of how bullying happens, we argue that it is high time corporates cracked down on this problem. We also mention how the Bro Code prevents victims from complaining and why there must be a mindset change. Last, we caution corporates to take note of the polarized times and ensure how external negativity does not spill over into the workplace.

What is Learned Helplessness and How it Harms the Victims of Workplace Discrimination

This article explains what Learned Helplessness is and how it prevents victims of workplace harassment from speaking out. We consider all the manifestations of workplace discrimination and harassment, and argue that unless the Culture of Consent and the Implicit Silence around sexual harassment is ended, workplaces can never become truly empowering and liberating for women and other minorities.

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