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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is about the combination of both people and machines which needs to click in the event of an emergency. Lets undertsand the concept of business continuity management in detail.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Managing Business operations in current times is a big challenge. Nowadays, every organization has realized the importance and need to have disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place.

Business Continuity Programs

Business continuity is all about managing the surprise in an emergency. This article looks at how a typical business continuity program works.

How to Prepare a BCM Program ?

This article looks at how to prepare your organization for emergencies and the steps that are needed to be taken to prepare for contingencies.

MNCs and BCM Programs

Multinational Companies need to have a robust and well defined business continuity program if they are to manage the myriad risks arising out of their business operations.

Role of Risk Mitigation Team in BCM

In this article, we look at the role of the Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Team in aiding the organization towards formulating contingency planning.

Role of External Consultants in BCM

External Consultants bring an element of objectivity and neutrality into the business continuity management process. Lets discuss in detail the role of external consultants in business continuity management.

BCM and Disaster Preparedness

The ability of a company to respond quickly and swiftly to an emergency is largely a function of the disaster preparedness mindset among its employees.

BCM as an Essential Practice

In these turbulent times, Business Continuity Management (BCM) has become an integral component of a companys strategy. Lets see how BCM is an essential practice to be followed by all the organizations.

BCM Planning around the World

Different countries have differing risks. The companies have to ensure that their business continuity management plans are according to the specific risk that the location in which they are based carries.

Perils of Not Having BCM Plans

This article looks at the pitfalls of not having adequate business continuity management plans in place.

Backup Sites for BPO Companies

It is very essential for the companies to be prepared for any eventuality. This article looks at the BPO sector in specific and the necessity of having backup sites to continue operations.

The 24/7 Interconnected World

We live in a hyperlinked and hyper connected 24/7 world that depends on complex global supply chains for its everyday activities. This article discusses the impact of Black Swan Events on our globalized world and details the need for Business Continuity Planning systems for transitioning to alternatives quickly. This article also discusses how as individuals we can take steps to manage disruptions.

Protection from Systemic Risks

In this 24/7 global age where the - City Never Sleeps, systemic risks have to be planned for and contingency measures put in place to safeguard companies from the impact of systemic risks. This article discusses some aspects of how systemic risks can threaten the business operations of companies and suggests some points that can be taken into account when planning for such contingencies.

Person Dependence in Organizations

This article examines the issue of organizations being heavily dependent on key individuals and the consequences of the same when these individuals are absent for whatever reasons. The key theme in this article is that for organizations to be certified as having managed the risks or having achieved process maturity, they need to put in place business continuity plans that provision for risks to key individuals.

Benefits of Automation for Banks and Financial Institutions

This article discusses the benefits of automation for banks and financial institutions by listing some ways and means in which they benefit from automation. The key theme of this article is that banks and financial institutions are among the largest users of IT because of the tremendous benefits that accrue to them in the process.

Avoiding Three Traps that can Destroy Family Owned Businesses

Nearly 70 percent of family owned businesses fail before the second generation takes over. This article discusses three traps that family owned businesses could avoid if the businesses are to survive over the longer term.

Intellectual Property Rights and their Protection and Defense by Businesses

This article discusses the menace of piracy and its effect on the defense of IPR or Intellectual Property Rights. The key theme in this article is that the issue of the protection of IPR raises larger questions about pricing, availability, ethics, human nature and whether software must be open source or copyrighted.

Why Companies Living Quarter to Quarter is Both a Good as well as a Bad Idea

This article discusses the trend of corporates focusing excessively on the shorter term while ignoring the longer term value creation. While the 24/7 Breaking News Cycle and the Acceleration caused by Technology are indeed massive urges to live from quarter to quarter, this article takes the view that unless CEOs balance the shorter and the longer term imperatives, all stakeholders including the investors would suffer.

Challenges Facing Digital Securities

This article explains the difference between digital assets and digital securities. It then lists all the challenges which are likely to be faced by digital securities in the near future.

Business Continuity Planning for a World Descending Into Chaos and Collapse

Given the volatile and chaotic world, we use this article to examine some Business Continuity Plans that can corporates can put in place. We argue that BCPs can only do that much and it is up to the employees and more importantly, their assessment of safety that should determine the response in critical situations. Moreover, we also suggest that a Chain of Command be established so that there is clarity after the initial shock of the disruption wears off.

It’s Now or Never: Why Business Must Embrace Sustainability before it is Too Late

This article makes the case for business to embrace sustainability before it is too late. We examine the recent trends as far as how climate change and ecological damage are affecting the planet and then, urge business to act responsibly in a Now or never fashion. We also make the case for business to embrace sustainability keeping in mind that sustainability pays off over the longer term.

What is Cancel Culture and How it has Become a Headache for Brands and Businesses

This article explains what is meant by Cancel Culture and examines how it impacts businesses. We detail how Cancel Culture has become a headache for brands and why it spans both sides of the ideological and political spectrum. We also examine how Social Media is fanning the flames of Cancel Culture and use real world examples to illustrate how businesses are reacting and responding to Cancel Culture now.

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning in the Age of Uncertainty Due to Covid

This article discusses the Importance of Business Continuity Planning in times of Covid. We explain how the East was able to handle this crisis better as they were prepared due to their experience with SARS. We suggest some takeaways for Business Planners and recommend some courses of action that would help corporate s in being prepared for uncertainty.

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