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Sales Management - Introduction

Sales Management helps the organization to achieve the sales targets efficiently. Lets study about Sales Management in detail.

Sales Management Strategies

Sales Management helps to extract the best out of employees and achieve the sales goals of the organization in the most effective ways. Let us go through the sales management strategies.

Sales Operation

Sales Operation includes various strategies and techniques employed by an individual to achieve sales goals within the stipulated time frame

Managing the Sales Cycle

Sales cycle refers to the various processes which help the products reach the end users. Lets discuss in detail about the steps involved ina sales cycle.

What is a Sales Funnel and its Implications for Marketers

This article describes the concept of the sales funnel which is a visual representation of the sales process from initial contact through talks and due diligence and into closure and actualization of the sales deal. This concept has become quite popular in the corporate world as it provides the sales and marketing personnel with a graphical representation of the sales process and has entered the management jargon because of its usefulness.

Motivating the Sales Team

Superiors must motivate the sales team from time to time to extract the best out of them. Let us go through various ways to motivate the sales team.

Responsibilities of a Sales Manager

A sales manager plays a key role in the success and failure of an organization. Let us understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager.

Qualities of a Sales Professional

Sales Professionals are the face of an organization. Let us go through some qualities which a sales professional must have.

Types of Sales Professionals

A sales professional is primarily responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization. The article discusses the different types of sales people in an organization.

Role of Communication in Sales

Communication plays an important role in sales management. Communication is the backbone of sales management. It is absolutely not possible to close a sales deal without effective communication.

Role of Attitude in Sales Management

Attitude and personality play an important role in sales management. Lets understand in detail about the role of attitude and personality in sales management.

Tips for Successful Sales Professionals

Sales professionals play an essential role in the success or failure of any organization. Let us go through some tips for successful sales professional.

Time Management and Planning

Time management and Planning play a very important role in Sales Management. Lets discuss the importance of time management and planning in detail.

After Sales Service

After sales service refers to all those processes which ensures that customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization.

Customer Relationship Management

The art of managing the organizations relationship with the customers refers to customer relationship management. It includes all the strategies to maintain healthy relationship with the existing as well as potential customers.

An Overview of Relationship Management and Why it is Important for Corporates

This article is about Relationship Management and why it is important for Corporates. The article aims to be an Introductory Primer to Relationship Management and anyone who is a management professional or is graduating from a business school can find the relevance to their present and future careers. Apart from this, the key theme in this article is that an Exemplary Relationship Manager cerates synergies as well as efficiencies leading to Customer Wow.

How Do Flash Sales Work?

This article explains the concept of flash sales. It explains the business model used by flash sale websites. It also lists the challenges being faced by these websites.

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