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Introduction to E Commerce and Internet

Today millions of users access and use the internet for various purposes throughout the day. Today no business can ignore the huge - Online Market that exists on the internet.

Basic Understanding of E-Commerce

E Commerce can be defined as - Using Electronic Platform for Business Transactions. It is also called as a - Virtual Market Place. Lets understand the concept of e-commerce in detail.

Advantages of E-Commerce

In the last few years the speed of internet as well as the applications, software and hardware supporting E Commerce have developed and integrated to make E Commerce a real time business process. Lets discuss the advantages of e-commerce in detail.

E Commerce & Business Trends

Understanding the why, how and what of E Commerce and orienting the entire Organisation to be customer centric in the new environment calls for re-inventing the business model where technology becomes the driver and the key differentiator.

What, Why and How of E Business

E Marketing is significantly different from the traditional marketing. The key to E Business model is in understanding the Customer needs in the light of the new environment.

Relationship Marketing Using the Internet

Organizations need to develop long term relationship with customers as to sustain business and maintain profitability. Companies spend a big amount in acquiring new customers but if they are not able to retain those customers than earlier acquisition expenditure will go to waste.

Customer Behaviour and E Marketing

Understanding of the customers profile, their habits and behaviour gives us an idea of the market and the characteristics of the customer group. The starting point E Business is to first understand and explore its uders.

E Commerce related Technologies

In case of doing business via the internet be it exchanging mails, sending documents or affecting transactions, Several technologies like digital signature and other cryptographic protocols have to be employed to ensure authenticity as well as prevent any tampering etc.

The Internet and the marketing mix

Organizations have traditional well developed framework around the marketing mix. But, in the information technology age, it is a challenge to use the same marketing mix for internet marketing strategy. Organizations need to develop plans through which the internet can be used to support and advance brand and product management.

Search - Starting Point of E Marketing

Understanding of the customers search behaviour, understanding how the search happens through the search engines and the dynamics of searches is the first step in E Marketing.

Search Engines and SE Marketing

Searching happens to be the main feature or the tool with which one gets across the internet. Search Engine uses the keyword as the criteria to search through the web pages and lists the most relevant website as per the keyword.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

It is important to be able to choose the right SEO partner who is always ahead in the race. A typical Search Engine Optimization Service plan starts first with analysing the keywords that are relevant to your product, service or business.

Search Data and E-Marketing Strategy

By using the internet search data companies can have instant feedback about the customers and this data can then be analyzed and used for building product strategy as well as marketing strategy.

E Business Needs E Organization

Getting into e business is not a simple process of setting up a website and enabling online transactions. E Business calls for building a new business structure in the Company that includes the entire Organisation.

The internet micro environment

The environment under which organization functions determines how it will conduct its business. Organizations have to constantly monitor and appraise the external business environment.

The internet macro-environment

An organization is often influenced by the environment they work under. There are several factors which influence such as customers, suppliers etc of the micro environment can be controlled to a certain extent by the organization.

Internet Marketing Strategy

In the new age of digital technology, the internet cannot be ignored. Organization need to appreciate the internet as a strategic tool. Organizations have to find a way to integrate internet marketing in support of an overall marketing strategy.

What is Online Advertising ?

Understanding of online advertising, its effectiveness, its reach and the output from such online advertising is necessary for the decision makers to be able to build their Marketing strategies.

Paid Or Organic Search

Paid search advertising is highly effective option in case of short term sales campaigns. In the long run the Organic search has been found to be more effective than paid search advertising.

Customer Expectation & Online Marketing

Customers who are browsing the internet to make a purchase are looking to finish it immediately due to lack of time. The time and speed as well as convenience of the e business model is what is prompting customers to opt for the online purchase.

Technicalities of Online Business

Getting to know all about E Marketing and how business is transacted online is important for every student of business management as well as for professionals.

Establishing Business Goals

When the organization decides to invest into the E marketing plan, it is important to identify and state the business goals, list the achievable targets and metrics to assess performance.

Online Sales Promotions & Advertising

When it comes to the E Marketing strategy, the need for online advertising remains the same as it is for the conventional sales. The difference is in the methodology or the process adapted in the e world.

E Commerce Trends

Online buying is not only restricted to - purchase of airline tickets, make hotel reservations, buying books, etc. You may be surprised to know that cars are being bought online by customers.

Architects of E-Marketing Strategy

E Commerce model demands immediate business delivery on the part of the Organisation. Therefore E Commerce strategy needs to involve the active participation and ownership not only from the Management and Marketing but also the IT/Technical teams too.

Dynamics of E-Selling

E Platform facilitates availability of information at finger tips. Understanding the different aspects and dynamics of the E commerce helps the business managers to appreciate and adapt to the emerging scenarios.

E Marketing and CRM

Customers are won over not by the product and price alone but by the service and happy experience too. Its very important to pay attention to Customer Relationship Management when we create an E Commerce platform.

E Business Transitions

Migrating to E Business has become inevitable. Understanding and accepting the need to evolve a E Business strategy brings with it more challenges. Lets understand these challanges in detail.

Adapting E Business Model

Managers now days are going back to the business schools to un-learn some of the lessons they had learnt during their class time days and build their ability to make the paradigm shift to the new e business model.

Knowledge Base with E Business Model

Building knowledge about your customer can give you inputs to the changing trends in the market. The more time we spend analyzing and building knowledge using the e reports and data generated, the beneficial it would be for your operations.

E Learning Curve

Besides learning the E realities, being focused on the E Customer and chartering the course for the future is imperative for Students, Managers and all Professionals to get on to the E learning curve.

E Procurement Systems

Be it an individual or an organisation, procurement processes are changing. Marketing managers should keep up to date not only with e marketing strategies but also about e procurement.

Online Marketing and Hotel Industry

This article discusses the advantages of the internet to the hospitality industry and in particular, the hotel sector. The key theme in this article is that the internet has enabled direct interaction between the hotels and the customers thereby saving costs entailed due to the intermediary layer. These savings in costs are then passed on to the customers in the form of discounts leading to a win-win situation for both.

How to Market Your Business or Professional Service in the Digital Era

With the pervasive and exponential growth of digital media, no business or professional can afford to be without marketing their products and services on such media. This article explains how to market your product or service in any of the numerous digital media channels with tips on how to be aggressive and tap the Wisdom of Crowds and Power of Networks to your advantage.

The Ethics of Surge Pricing and other Profit Driven Business Strategies by Aggregators

Most of us who use App aggregators are aware of strategies such as Surge Pricing and Premiums to be paid during emergencies. There is a debate going on whether such strategies are against the social responsibility of business or they are an illustration of efficient markets that match supply and demand for the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. This is the theme that this article examines along with the concurrent theme that it is time for regulators and courts to determine appropriate rules for regulating the Digital Economy.

What are Ubiquitous Marketing and Black Ops Advertising and Their Impact

Marketing and Advertising are everywhere. Right from annoying pop-ups to downright intrusive ads, our devices seem to be the subject of relentless assault by the marketers and advertisers. The terms used for these practices are Ubiquitous Marketing and Black Ops Advertising. Powered by AI and driven by Algorithms and using Big Data Analytics, marketers and advertisers seem to know more about us than we know ourselves. This leads to ethical and moral concerns as well since children and the vulnerable are also the targets. This article examines these themes and quotes Kotler to remind all stakeholders about their social responsibility.

Unethical Marketing Practices by Hotel Booking Websites

This article lists the unethical marketing practices that are being followed by online travel agencies. It explains why these practices are unethical and how regulators in several countries have been forced to take action against these companies.

How the race for Eyeball Views, Clicks, Likes, and Shares defines Online Marketing

Online marketing is a relentless race for more eyeballs, clicks, likes, and shares. Due to the revenues from advertising, websites offer much for free and hence, online marketing reduces the costs for users. On the other hand, sometimes, online marketing becomes so intrusive and invasive that alarms consumer rights advocates. Website owners need to optimize their websites for better search engine placement and SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to achieve this. The success of online marketing is also determined not only by the eyeballs and views but also by how many clicks have been converted into online sales.

Why Selling Online is Expensive?

This article describes the various fees which are charged by marketing companies to sell online. It also explains how some of these fees are unreasonable and end up increasing the cost of the product manifold.

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