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Competency Based Assessment

Evaluating an employees performance based on pre-defined competencies and their behavioural indicators is known as competency based assessment. Lets understand the concept in detail.

What are Competencies ?

Competencies have gained a widespread popularity in the human resource management field with a lot of research and debate, the larger ramification being most of the organizations having their own competency framework and definitions.

Competency Ice-Berg Model

The iceberg model for competencies takes the help of an iceberg to explain the concept of competency. Lets understand in detail the competency iceberg model with the help of a diagram.

Overview of Competency Framework

Competency Framework is a comprehensive structure which describes different competencies with its specific set of behavioral indicators and measurement criteria. Lets understand the benefits of the competency framework.

What is an Assessment ?

Assessments can be defined as a method of gathering data under standardized conditions and reaching a conclusion regarding the knowledge, qualification and potential of an employee.

Evolution of CBA

Competency Based Assessment owes its genesis to the traditional method of Job analysis. Competency based assessment emerged as a tool which streamlined and integrated the HR processes of the organization to yield tangible and long term benefits.

Competency Based Assessment Process

Competency based Human Resource Management is accepted and implemented by a large number of organizations worldwide. Lets understand the process of competency based assessment in detail.

Features of CBA

Lets understand the critical features of the Competency based Assessment so that it is used appropriately to achieve the results it intends to achieve.

Johari Window

Joseph Lutt and Harri Ingham developed a model in 1955 in the United States to understand and asses strength and development areas appropriately about an individual. This model is known as Johari Window.

Assessment & Development Centers

Development Centers and Assessment Centers use techniques like simulations, psychometric tests and exercises to evaluate employees. These two are often confused as being the same but there are few differences between them.

Assessment Methodologies

The most common assessment methodologies to evaluate an individuals competencies are - Observing the Candidate at Work, Structured Interviews, Simulation Exercises, Psychometric Assessments, Aptitude Tests and Development Dialogue.

Giving Feedback after Assessments

An objective, transparent and respectful conversation needs to be conducted during feedback to drive home the points which the participant needs to work upon. Lets discuss few important tips which can guide an assessor during feedback session.

Review and Follow Up after Assessments

Review and Follow ups are very important after assessments. It is crucial that a comprehensive and robust review mechanism is planned in detail along-with the assessments.

Ethical Considerations in Assessments

Assessments of any kind have a bearing on the careers of the individuals. The article discusses various ethical considerations that should be taken care of when assessments are carried out.

CBA and Organizational Processes

Competence based assessment can be integrated with organizational processes to produce results which are meaningful for both employees and the organization.

Right Person for the Wrong Job! How Competency Mapping Can Solve the “Bad Fit” Problem

This article defines what Competency Mapping is, where and how it should be used, and why it solves the perennial Bad Fit problem plaguing corporates, who lose Millions of Dollars every year due to the Right Person for the Wrong Job conundrum. We use a mix of theory and insights from our working experience to illustrate how Competency Mapping, if done well, can actualize synergies for corporates and rationalize costs in these recessionary times.

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