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Understanding Conflict - Introduction

No two individuals can think alike. Conflict arises whenever individuals have different values, opinions, needs, interests and are unable to find a middle way.

Conflict at Workplace

Conflict can occur at any place be it organizations, groups and even at our homes. The article discusses about the conflict at workplace with the help of an example.

Preventing Conflict

A Conflict can start anytime whenever individuals are not ready to accept the middle path approach. The article discusses various ways by which we can prevent conflict.

Understanding Conflict Management

Conflict Management involves the steps undertaken to prevent the conflict at the right time and also helps to resolve it in an effective and smooth manner.

Conflict Management Skills

A conflict is not easy to control; an individual needs certain skills for the same. All the important skills required to control conflict are discussed in detail.

Importance of Conflict Management

The issues resulting in a conflict must be controlled at the right time to prevent the eruption of a big fight. Conflict management plays an important role everywhere, at work places and even in our personal lives.

Conflict Management at Workplace

Conflicts should be avoided at workp for a healthy and a competitive environment. Conflict Management prevents the eruptions of fights and also allows the employees to be serious about their work.

Strategies to avoid Conflicts

Conflicts should be avoided at the workplace to ensure that the employees give their best for maximum productivity. The article discusses about the strategies to avoid conflicts at the workplace.

Conflict Management in Groups

One should be very careful while dealing with conflict in a group, as if not controlled at the right time it can lead to severe tensions. Let us learn more about conflict management in groups.

Communication & Conflict Management

Communication plays a very vital role in Conflict Management. Always learn to keep a control on your emotions and make sure your communication is impressive and relevant for effective conflict management.

Role of Attitude in Conflict Management

Attitude plays a very important role in conflict management. One must have a positive attitude to avoid disagreements, conflicts and lead a happy and a peaceful life.

Conflict Management Tips

The article discusses about few handy tips for conflict management for professionals.

How to Handle Conflict of Interest ?

We often hear the term, conflict of interest being referred to in the media and by corporates. This article explores the implications of this issue from multiple perspectives. The key theme in this article is that conflicts of interest must be handled professionally as otherwise they have serious ramifications for corporates and for society.

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