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Knowing Your Employees

Employees are hired to perform specific duties as per their specialization and previous experiences. Management should know its employees well so as to extract the best out of them.

Importance of Knowing Employees

Knowing employees plays a very important role in motivating them to give their best performance. The article discusses the importance of knowing the employees of an organization.

Improving Work Culture

Employees are the most important asset of an organization. Knowing employees well strengthens the relationship between superiors and the subordinates and ultimately leads to a healthy work culture.

Improving Morale of Your Employees

Employees feel happy when their managers know them by their names. Knowing your employees acts as morale booster and plays a very important role in extracting best out of them.

Employees Expectations From Managers

It is very important for managers to know what their employees expect from them. Lets discuss in detail about what the employees expects from their managers.

Mistakes Made by Managers

The article discusses some common mistakes made by managers in knowing and managing their employees.

Things Employees Hide from Managers

There are several instances when an employee feel compelled to hide the truth from their managers. The article discusses some of the instances where emplyees hide things from their managers.

Things to Know About an Employee

It is very important for every manager to know basic information about their team members. Let us go through certain things which are mandatory for a manager to know about his/her employees.

Role of Communication

Communication at workplace plays an important role in knowing your employees. Lets discuss the importance of communication in detail.

How to Know Your Employees ?

Managers need to know their employees for them to feel valued and indispensable for the organization. The article discusses some important ways which helps a manager to know their team members in a better way.

Role of Leadership

Employees are the backbone of an organization. Leadership plays a very important role in knowing your employees.

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