With Vaccines Being Rolled Out, Can We Expect the World to Return to Normal?

Are Vaccines the Silver Bullet that the World is waiting for the Pandemic to end?

The Covid 19 Pandemic has taken a heavy toll (literally and metaphorically) on the world.

Ranging from Millions infected and many hundreds of thousands dead, to devastating economies and disrupting life as we knew it, the effects of the pandemic have been traumatic, to say the least.

Indeed, some experts believe that the Pandemic represents the End of Living and Working as We Have Known it, as the Post Covid world would be vastly different from what we have experienced until now.

However, there are some Silver Linings on the Clouds of Gloom and Doom as many countries are in the process of rolling out or have already rolled out Vaccines to inoculate their citizens against the deadly virus.

With the United Kingdom having started mass vaccinations and the United States and India expected to follow suit in the coming weeks, this cheering news has enthused many who now see a Hope in the Dark.

Of course, as medical experts have been pointing out, Vaccinations by themselves are no guarantee against carrying the virus, and they are effective in the sense of developing Mass Herd Immunity.

Rushed Rollouts, Inadequate Testing, and the Doubts over the Efficacy of the Vaccines

The last term is the key to winning the Battle against the Virus and the so-called Herd Immunity means that a Critical Mass of People develops resistance against the virus thereby limiting its spread and damage to the others.

So, it goes without saying that one can be cautiously optimistic about the future. However, there are many lingering doubts about the efficacy and effectiveness of the many types of vaccines that are being rolled out.

For instance, while the Russians were First off the Block as far as rolling out their version of the vaccine was concerned, leading Western scientists and Epidemiologists have expressed doubts about its reliability and safety for use on a mass scale.

Indeed, these doubts are being expressed even on the vaccines being rolled out in India and this is indicative of the panic situations that have made governments worldwide rush to roll out vaccines without proper testing and clinical trials.

Therefore, one needs to be circumspect about how and when we would be achieving what is known as a Tried and Tested Vaccine that can be effective in inoculating against the virus.

As the saying goes, the Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating.

A Case for Optimism despite the Stupidity of the West and the Resilience of the Rest

Having said that, there is also a case for optimism as sooner or later the world would get used to the New Normal of Living and Working in the Post Pandemic World.

For instance, China already resembles a country that has put the Pandemic behind It, though the virus originated there. Moreover, other Asian countries too have started a recovery both from a health and society perspective as well as from a business and economic perspective.

It is only the West, and more importantly, the United States and the United Kingdom that continue to feel the debilitating effects of the Pandemic.

Indeed, it is a commentary on how far these countries have come from their heydays as world powers to the situation now where their systems are collapsing.

Of course, what has exacerbated the situation in these countries is the sheer Political Stupidity and with the incoming Biden Administration, the US can turn the corner.

Thus, this is another reason for us to be optimistic about the future. In addition, Herd Immunity can be accelerated with mass rollout of vaccinations as is being done in the UK and is being proposed in the US and which is god news.

Fairness and Social Justice Dictate that the Income Gap Not Manifest Itself in Vaccinations

Turning to a realistic view, it is the case that sooner or later, businesses would adjust to the new ways of working and commerce.

While Global Supply Chains have taken a hit, the Tech firms have displayed a resilience that is inspiring. Moreover, many large firms in other sectors such as Manufacturing have started rebounding.

It is only the Small Businesses and the Travel and Tourism sector worldwide that have been hit badly. Indeed, a feature of the Pandemic has been the stark difference in the way the Poor have been hit disproportionately.

A key concern for many experts is whether this imbalance would manifest itself in the way the vaccinations would be carried out.

For instance, there are concerns that the Rich Might Jump the Queue and get vaccinated first and this preferential treatment can again Tip the World into a New Crisis.

Therefore, in the interests of Social Justice and Fairness, it is only just that everyone must be treated equally as far as vaccinations are concerned.

In addition, governments must prioritize certain sections of the populace such as the Frontline Health Workers and other Critical Segments including the Elderly to prevent a humanitarian crisis that can ensue.

Concluding Thoughts

As we have discussed so far, there is a case for optimism as well as pessimism and hence, one must tread cautiously as far as hoping for a Return to Normal is concerned.

A good bet would be that we give ourselves another six months or so before we ask businesses and other stakeholders to resume their normal operations.

This would be a good window for all to take stock of where we are and then plan for the post pandemic world.

In conclusion, while we wait for the Vaccinations, it would be a good idea to start our preparations.

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