Moving beyond the Lockdowns: What Would be a New Normal Post Coronavirus State

When Would We Return to Normal, or At Least The New Normal?

With the entire world in a state of lockdown or a near lockdown that is well past a few weeks, many citizens and experts alike have started to mull over when this present state of emergency would be over and what would be the situation after that.

Indeed, already business leaders are fretting over the economic costs of locking down entire nations and disrupting economies that is also preoccupying world leaders as well.

For instance, it is routine for President Trump to talk about returning back to normal in his daily press briefing.

This shows the impatience with the current state of affairs wherein we are all confined to our homes.

This sentiment is also shared around the world with many in India already talking about when the lockdown would be lifted.

Having said that, it is also the case that many experts are cautioning against premature lifting of the lockdowns including respected medical and health professionals.

Their contention is that the nature of the Coronavirus is such that it can recur as well as flare up if the present protections are lifted.

Therefore, the Million Dollar question here is that what would be the New Normal Post the Coronavirus Lockdowns?

How the Media Can Shape the New Normal Narrative and Influence the Citizenry

While there are many who argue that the Global Economy would take time to recover, our bet is that once the present lockdowns are lifted and economic activity resumes, then it is very well likely that the world would return to normal again.

Indeed, this is an assessment that is shared by some commentators who are not exactly mainstream but, are nonetheless respected for their views.

Their contention is that apart from the health and medical aspects, the present Coronavirus Outbreak is perhaps the first systemic pandemic that has occurred in a Real Time 24/7 World.

Given the massive power that the media wields in our times, it is likely that a New Normal Narrative can easily emerge wherein prominent media figures and media houses can very well be asked to shape the New Normal Narrative.

Moreover, this narrative has to be backed up by leaders in all fields for it to be effective.

As Contagion can easily spread and at the same time, can be controlled as well, a coordinated global response can easily happen wherein all stakeholders agree to adhere to the New Normal.

Why the New Normal Needs a Convergence of Stakeholders, Factors, and Interests

Of course, for this to happen, it must be remembered that the facts on the ground have to add up and this is where we must focus our attention.

For instance, the New Normal can only succeed when the viral spread is contained and controlled.

Further, there must be recovery from the disease and a steady fall in the numbers of patients and victims.

Moreover, for the New Normal to happen, it must also be with the cooperation of the citizenry.

Therefore, what is at stake to succeed are a large number of factors that have to come together.

While this might seem easy to say, it is acknowledged by even many critics of the present lockdowns that unless and until we see Change on the Ground, there is precious little that our leaders and businesses can do.

Indeed, in these times when social media and smartphones have placed much power in the hands of the citizenry, there is very little that the mainstream media can do to direct the New Normal narrative beyond a point.

Of course, it is also the case that reassurance by our elites can go a long way in ensuring stability and normalcy in us.

What Would The New Normal Look Like and How Ground Realities Matter?

Having said that, one must also ask what the shape of the world would be in the New Normal.

While there are many who predict that remote and digital work would become more ingrained in our lives, there are others who feel that without a complete control of the spread of the virus, the global economy would take time to recover.

After all, the paranoia of the present state of affairs is such that businesses would take time to adjust to the New Normal as are travel and tourism sectors that are bound to be affected.

Moreover, even schools and colleges would be wary of restarting face to face pedantic given the fear of contracting the virus.

Apart from this, in developing countries such as India, the prevailing stigma over the virus means that people would continue to be suspicious of their fellow citizenry.

Therefore, while it might seem possible to restart our economies and resume our way of life, it is highly likely that a return to normalcy would be a long drawn affair.

Thus, the New Normal is indeed going to be very different from what we can envisage at this point in time with the given information.


Last, the nature of our Wired World is such that even small disturbances somewhere can affect places and influence events everywhere and anywhere.

Therefore, the chaos and the confusion would in all probability would be with us in the months to come.

This is the reason why our governments are treading cautiously and with care.

While this might seem as overreaction, it is our view that some sort of circumspection is also called for.

To conclude, we should aim to win the war and not only the battles and hence, the goal must be a coordinated response to the crisis.

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