Donald Trump’s Shady Financial Dealings

The American President, Donald Trump, does not enjoy popular approval from the people of the United States. In fact, he is so unpopular that when he was being investigated by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, most people were under the impression that he would be found guilty.

There are very obvious causes of this unfavourable public opinion. Donald Trump was known to have a shady financial past even before he became President.

A lot of political observers and even common people are worried that there are people and organizations in this world which may have information about Donald Trump’s finances which he may not want to be released to the general public. This would make the President of the United States vulnerable to blackmail.

In this article, we will list down some of the deals, which Donald Trump has been a part of in the past and how they can possibly compromise his current position as the President of the United States.

Dealings with Deutsche Bank

American investigators have issued a subpoena to Deutsche bank since they believe that Deutsche Bank may have some information about the American President. The actions of Donald Trump which followed the subpoena have set the rumour mill abuzz.

Donald Trump has sued the Deutsche Bank in order to prevent them from releasing further information to the American government! This obviously raises questions about what is he trying to hide.

According to some experts, Deutsche bank may be in possession of Donald Trump’s tax returns. Many politicians have been trying to get their hands on these tax returns. In fact, public demands have been made asking Trump to provide his tax returns which he has refused.

Deutsche bank’s relationship with Donald Trump goes a long way behind. In the 2000s, Donald Trump was buried in debt. As a result, he was considered too risky a client and most American banks would not lend money to him. However, since he needed money, he would raise it from labour unions and local financial companies. This is when Deutsche bank was just entering America and wanted to make a name for itself. As a result, they gave out millions of dollars to Donald Trump.

However, later Donald Trump found himself unable to repay the loans. In a bizarre move, he sued Deutsche bank for causing the global crisis which wrecked his business and led to his inability to pay the loans.

Finally, Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank settled the lawsuit out of court. However, the American security establishment is still wary that Deutsche bank is capable of blackmailing the American President.

Links to Russian Oligarchs

Deutsche Bank is not the only foreign entity with which Donald Trump had shady financial dealings. In fact, much of Donald Trump ascent to fame after having gone bankrupt was financed by Russian companies. Many of these companies were owned by Russian oligarchs who were known to have gotten their wealth thanks to the KGB.

  • For instance, Donald Trump famously partnered with billionaire Alex Schnaider for building the Trump Hotel in Toronto, Canada
  • It is also alleged that more than 50 Russians who had links to the Russian government purchased properties worth $100 million in various Trump Towers. The sources of income of most of these people were questionable. However, Donald Trump allegedly decided to look the other way
  • Donald Trump Jr. once famously mentioned that a disproportionate number of their buyers are Russians. In fact, it is alleged that Donald Trump also sold a lot of apartments in Trump Towers Panama to Latin American drug traffickers! This was during the time when America had started a war on drugs and hence Trump was allegedly acting against his own country.

Once again, if there is any substance to these allegations, the American establishment has been heavily compromised. It is possible that Russians may be aware questionable financial transactions that Trump made in the past and may be using it to blackmail him.

Leases to Foreign Governments

The United States has a law which makes it mandatory for the President to disclose all payments and/or gifts which they might receive from any foreign government. The general process is that if any transactions must be approved by the Congress. This clause is called the emoluments clause.

However, in case of Trump, this law has been violated as well! It has now come to light that Donald Trump has leased out certain units in the Trump Tower to foreign governments after he became President in 2016.

Controversial countries like Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia have also leased units in the Trump Tower. The government of Thailand also holds a lease at the Trump Tower. Thailand has also become controversial after the military coup.

After these dealings have come to light, the Trump family once again finds themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Political opponents are alleging that Donald Trump’s family were running a parallel foreign policy wherein people who enrich them personally were likely to have better opportunities in the United States.

The bottom line is that the current American President does have a lot of financial skeletons in his closet. This is what makes him vulnerable and the American security establishment very worried.

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