Will the World Ever Be Normal Again? Examining the Impact of the Covid 19 Outbreak

Why World Leaders Are Comparing the War on Covid 19 to the World Wars?

As the world battles the Coronavirus Outbreak and with entire nations locked down, musings about when the world would return to “normalcy” are inevitable.

Indeed, if not anything, it is worth speculating on how the world would look like once the present state of crisis passes.

This is because it is human nature to hope for a better future and long for a happier tomorrow.

Thus, just like it was during the times of the Two World Wars where people were wont to think about when it would all end, there are many commentators who are similarly prognosticating about possible scenarios on how the world would look like after the Covid 19 outbreak subsides.

Moreover, comparisons with the World Wars are also apt as the narrative now is being cast as a fight against an “invisible enemy” and a war against disease which has resulted in several world leaders including Trump and Modi to talk about the World Wars.

Like then, now the thought that is uppermost on everyone’s mind is whether the world would be normal again and what would be it in future.

We Should Let Our Higher Selves Emerge and Not Give in to our Baser Emotions

For instance, it is almost certain that the Covid 19 Outbreak has brought the best and the worst of human nature.

While many Good Samaritans are rising to the occasion and helping the poor and the needy, there are others who are profiting from the misery as well as peddling communal and classist narratives.

Indeed, as the stories about how communities are helping each other are reported, there are an equal number of stories about how Social Stigma and Atavistic emotions are taking over.

Therefore, if and when this present crisis abates, humanity would have to reckon with differing and extreme positions shaped by both the Utopian fantasies as well as baser emotions.

In other words, it is up to us to choose the path that is amenable to the future generations instead of giving in to the hate and the vitriol that is passing around.

Moreover, as there are heroic tales of Doctors and Medical Professionals going about their jobs and being true to the Hippocratic Oath, there are tales of how we are letting the lumpen elements take over.

Thus, the choice is ours to make and the decisions we take in the New Normal determine the future.

How the Covid 19 Outbreak Would Change Businesses and Industries

Turning to how the Economic system would be in the New Normal, it is almost certain that there would be more Digitization of our workplaces and more remote working and teleconferencing.

Already business meetings are being conducted over Zoom ignoring the Privacy and Security warnings.

While these issues are likely to be fixed, what is certain is that the Covid 19 Outbreak would usher in the Virtual Age and the Digital Age and accelerate the movement towards technological tools being used for business purposes.

In addition, businesses would now have to take the WFH or the Work from Home paradigm as the New Normal and resist the urge to force their employees to come to the physical offices.

At the same time, the services sector firms that need face to face interaction would fare badly at least in the shorter term as the Paranoia and Suspicion about meeting people in the real world would persist and hence, even when the lockdowns are lifted, the after effects would linger.

Moreover, tourism and travel industries would be badly hit as are airline and transportation firms as people would be hesitant to venture to faraway places given the uncertainties involved in the process.

The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

Having said that, there are some things that would remain the same even in the New Normal.

For instance, despite the calls for physical and social distancing, once the lockdowns are lifted, there is every possibility of crowds gathering and of large congregations assembling.

Indeed, already people are itching to return to their outdoor activities and hence, it is likely that the present crisis would be a temporary break in the routines of such people.

Moreover, chances are that the economy would recover in time, though it is hard to predict when such recovery would happen with the given information. In addition, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals would be more respected given their selfless service now.

Apart from this, the Millions of “Invisible Workers” who keep our economies going and our lives continuing can expect more gratitude and Thanksgiving that should also hopefully result in them being paid more to do what is a Thankless task.

Of course, for all this to happen, the best side of our nature should emerge and not the baser side and as mentioned earlier, it is up to all of us to rise to the occasion.

The time is now for us to make changes.


Last, the New Normal would be a Game Changer for the world just like 9/11 was.

There would be shifts in the Balance of Power in the world and more Powers to the Governments.

These effects need to be managed well if we are to prevent descent into chaos.

A Vigilant Media and Alert Citizenry are needed if we are to work towards a Liveable New Normal.

In other words, the world would never be the same again and hence, all stakeholders have to be cognizant of this.

To conclude, we must use the present crisis to transition and transformation.

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