Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness refers to speaking one’s own mind and supporting what is correct though in a subtle and polite manner.

Being assertive refers to protecting one’s own rights, values and never accepting something which is wrong and unethical.

Assertiveness plays an essential role in professional as well as personal lives for people not only to believe but also take you seriously.

Confidence is the key to assertiveness. Trust me; you will never look confident if you are lying and not really sure of what you are saying. During presentations, prepare your content well and ensure the same is authentic and also updated.

Practice well before going for a seminar, business discussion or presentation.

Remember, confidence is the need of the hour but being over confident will definitely land you in trouble. The best way to practice before a presentation is to stand in front of the mirror and read out the content loudly.

Do not forget to look into the mirror. Not only will you come to know about your errors, wrong pronunciations but also gain confidence and assertiveness for the D-DAY.

Find out what makes you nervous. No one knows it better than you. Understanding your own shortcomings help you know your problem areas so that you can work towards the same.

If a certain outfit makes you nervous, avoid the same especially during interviews or other important discussions where you need to look assertive.

Wear comfortable clothes and do not wear dresses which are too tight as it would not only make you conscious but also draw the attention of other people for all the wrong reasons.

Trust me, for interviews a crisp white shirt with black trouser is the safest bet. It is better not to experiment with your looks during such times.

Learn to be patient. People who have a tendency to rush things often make mistakes and lose confidence. Speak slowly but clearly.

It is essential to keep a check on one’s emotions. Never mix your personal life with your professional life. People who do so remain frustrated most of the times and fail to look or sound assertive. Focus is important for assertiveness.

Concentrate on whatever you are doing at the moment. For example, during interview, do not think about anything else except your discussion with the interviewer.

If you keep on worrying about your current organization or what others will think when you resign, trust me, you will screw up the entire thing.

A peaceful mind is important for assertiveness. While delivering presentations do not worry as to what the others are thinking about you.

Believe in yourself. Never lose hope even in the worst circumstances. If you know if you have lost a deal, still deliver your presentation in front of potential clients with full confidence and assertiveness. You never know when miracles might happen.

Choose your words carefully. Avoid lying and unnecessary cooking fake stories. It is always better to speak to the point.

If you do not know something, say a No rather than giving lame excuses. If you do not feel like attending office on your birthday, you can always share the same with your superior.

I don’t think any boss would force you to work on the most special day of your life. Discuss with confidence and believe me, he will rely on you in future also.

Honesty and truthfulness help you being assertive and confident. You do not have to fear about anything such as getting caught and so on.

Do not think of hurting or insulting people. Avoid being jealous. Fighting is no solution. Respect other people’s rights and views if you want them to do so.

Never underestimate anyone. Listen to others so that they also listen to you with patience and rapt attention. Be polite to others and never hide your feelings.

If you are correct, you will be accepted by each and everyone in the society as well as workplace.

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