Assertiveness in Business Meetings and Presentations

Assertiveness refers to presenting one’s own view points; opinions and making others understand and also believe the same without being rude or arrogant. Assertiveness plays a crucial role especially during business presentations, interviews or important discussions where one needs to convince the other person without actually depending on unfair means, lying or insulting anyone.

Never be overconfident. Do not accept anything unless and until you yourself are totally convinced. Some people have a habit of taking things very lightly.

Casual approach does not work always. If you say a yes to your boss with utmost confidence without actually knowing how to go about the particular task or what to speak in the meeting, remember, you are digging your own well.

Going unprepared for a business presentation or meeting is a crime. Forget about assertiveness, you will not be able to face the audience, if you are not quite sure of the content and its relevance.

Being a master of your subject and constantly upgrading yourself in your respective genre help you look and sound assertive.

Learn to accept your mistakes. Never ignore your shortcomings. If something makes you feel nervous, it is always better to discuss with your friend or colleague or someone you think can help overcome the same rather than cribbing over it.

Believe me; sharing problems with team members makes your life much easier. If you know you are not very good in presentations, do not hesitate to take advice from your superiors or probably one can also take the help of online tutorials available at the click of a button.

Some individuals have tremendous stage fear and do not feel much comfortable in front of a wide audience. That certainly does not mean that you will stop interacting with people. That is indeed a coward like approach.

Practice till you become perfect. Deliver presentations in front of your friends, relatives till you feel confident and assertive. It is foolish to lose hope.

Support what is correct. We have a very bad habit of lying and hiding facts from our Bosses. Remember, business meeting is nothing but a formal discussion with team members and superiors. There is nothing to be afraid of it.

If you have not achieved your sales target in a particular month, it is absolutely okay. No one will hang you to death. What is the point sharing fake numbers with your Boss? Even if you do not tell him, he/she will automatically come to know through your body movement and lack of assertiveness.

Remember, you cannot pretend to be confident. Assertiveness automatically comes when you have a good grip of your respective field, have done your homework carefully and know whatever is being discussed is authentic and true to the best of your knowledge. Speak the truth always.

Never lose your focus. Concentrate on your work rather than thinking about your friends, family or what is going on in someone else’s life.

Give your best in whatever you do. If you have to chair a meeting, just think about that and nothing else.

You may have a major problem at home, but trust me, for those few hours when the meeting is going on, forget about everything, except the agenda of the discussion.

Speak as if it your last chance to present your ideas and viewpoints.

Be a little patient. Speak to the point. Believe in yourself but never underestimate others.

Dress sensibly. We might not realize but most of the times, we do not feel confident because of our attire. Wear comfortable clothes so that you do not have to worry about your dress being too tight or revealing.

How will you focus on the content if your shoe is hurting your right toe badly? In such a scenario, your attention will be only towards arranging a band-aid for you rather than focussing on your presentation.

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