Accent Training for Employees

Accent refers to a particular way an individual speaks or pronounces certain words. Every individual has his/her own characteristic style of saying words which has lot to do with the person’s geographical location, family background, upbringing, exposure and so on.

Organizations such as BPOs and multinational companies are very particular about the accent of their employees who have to deal with clients beyond their domain. There is a difference between British English and American English.

An American would have a different accent as compared to a British or for that matter an Indian. UK and USA are poles apart, so the difference in accent is inevitable but trust me, you would find a difference in accent between England, Scotland, Ireland and so on also.

Accent training becomes extremely important in organizations which cater to overseas clients. Not only for your clients, it is necessary to pronounce words correctly at workplace and use the right accent.

Let us go through few tips for accent training;

Blindly copying others will not help you. Remember, you would not get the right accent in just a day or so. There is no rocket science involved. You just need to be a good observer. Know your clients well and find out what accent they follow. Try to follow their style. With practice and time, you would certainly master their accent.

Never depend on fake accent. One must not forget that anything done under compulsion yields no results. Go slow in your approach. Never lose your patience. You do not have to converse in English just because your fellow worker is fluent in the same. No two individuals are same. Some people take less time learning a particular accent while others take a little more time but that is okay. Speak only when you are confident of your accent.

Get hold of relevant books and study material and read them loudly. Believe me, any individual who is aspiring to learn a particular language or imbibe a particular accent needs to practice daily in front of a mirror. Listen to tapes and try to follow the accent.

Speak loudly so that you yourself can hear your voice, pinpoint mistakes and incorporate necessary changes in your speech. You can also record your voice so that you can listen to it later on and also keep a track on your progress. Now a days, with everyone having a smart phone, recording your voice is certainly not a tedious task.

Do not hesitate or feel bad if someone points out your mistakes. Remember, mistakes are a part of life and one learns from the same.

Your pitch and tone also play an important role in accent training. Speak slowly so that each and every word is clear and understood.

Some people speak too fast so that the other person is not able to notice their mistakes. That is certainly the wrong approach. Take care of your pitch as well. Do not speak too softly or too loudly. You may be following any accent but it is mandatory to be soft- spoken. No accent teaches you to be rude to others.

Nothing helps you more than sincere practice and dedication. Never lose hope. Try repeatedly till you succeed. Take help of people who are fluent in a particular accent. Your colleagues or close friends can help you in this.

If possible, try to get in touch with a local who can guide you better on a particular accent. Speak to him in his/her accent so that the other person can help you and tell you where all you need improvement. There is nothing to be ashamed of in this. Speak with confidence.

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