Employee Multitasking - An Overview

Let us go through the following case study.

John of Organization A was not only good in marketing organization’s products but also maintaining records, maintaining relationship with clients and so on.

Peter on the other hand of Organization B could only sell products and nothing more than that. Organization A did not suffer much when the MIS Executive resigned at a short notice as John could manage his own as well as his team’s data till the time a new individual joined and also got trained accordingly.

Organization B faced tremendous problems as Peter as well as other employees could do only their own work and could not contribute much in other’s work.

Organization B not only suffered great losses but also lost many of their key clients which ultimately went to Organization A. That is the importance of multitasking employees.

Multitasking employees are the ones who can handle multiple responsibilities easily. Such individuals do specialize in a certain field but are keen to learn additional roles. In a layman’s language; multitaskers are those who are capable of handling more than one responsibility at a single time.

Such individuals do not like being dependent on others and prefer upgrading their existing skills from time to time. This certainly helps them face challenges with a smile.

They do not crib during emergency situations but try their level best to handle many tasks at a single time and work hard to come out of difficult times at the earliest. Nobody asks you to be perfect in many things but is there any harm if you try to learn additional skills? Trust me; knowledge acquired at any stage never goes waste.

Employee Multitasking

If you are finance professional, you are expected to be passionate towards numbers but that certainly does not mean that you cannot go through your organization’s website to find out about company’s products or services. Once in a while you can also accompany your colleague to a client meeting but yes not at the cost of your work.

Trust me, in emergency situations or even during peak seasons, you can also take the initiative of meeting clients or promoting your brand and eventually earn higher revenues. If money flows in, everyone will be benefitted. It all depends on how committed an individual is towards his/her organization.

Multitasking employees benefit organizations as they reduce the cost of hiring many individuals performing specialized tasks. Employees really do not have to go all out to acquire additional skills to be multitasked.

Just being attentive at workplace goes a long way in enhancing your skills and upgrading your knowledge. Till the time, you treat your organization as a mere source of earning money, you would find everything else apart from your routine job boring and of no use.

It is a human tendency to think only about the present and ignore the future. Believe me, if you are multitalented, it would benefit you in the long run. If the front office lady of your organization takes leaves for few days isn’t it your responsibility also to attend calls on her behalf? Never be hesitant to learn new things.

In today’s scenario, it pays to be multitasked where you are capable of handling multiple responsibilities. Such employees have an edge over others and are generally preferred by organizations. They are certainly more reliable.

Organizations today look for individuals who think beyond horizon and believe in contributing more than what is expected out of them. If you know how to convince your clients, your organization certainly expects you to be good at computers, managing data, handling a team of executives, maintaining budgets and so on.

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