What is Creativity ?

Do you see various shapes in a crumpled ball of paper? Do you see various colours in a drop of oil mixed with water? If your answer is yes, then certainly you value creativity.

Creativity is nothing but the process of creating something unique and new. Creativity indeed plays a crucial role in organizations at all levels. Following same old techniques might not yield results everytime. Remember, change is inevitable. You just can’t stick to what was taught in your school or college. Creativity is reaching to innovative solutions, new ideas, unique concepts through brainstorming, discussions and healthy communication among employees.

You need to understand that same policies can’t be applied everywhere. Can you apply the same strategy while selling a home and while selling a pen? Absolutely NO. There has to be some difference.

Let us understand the same with an example:

Company A deals into many consumer products and recently came with a new product - Toothpaste. The toothpaste was introduced as an effective remedy to plaque, tartar and even stains on teeth due to excessive tea, coffee and nicotine. Let me ask you a question.

Do you think the brand “toothpaste” would survive if Organization A does not market the product with additional features and benefits over the years? Two years down the line, probably, you might introduce a scheme where the end-user would get a tooth brush free with the toothpaste or say the packaging can be little more innovative and attractive, or the toothpaste can come in various exciting new flavours. It can be anything. Who decides all this? Yes, it is actually you, who work as responsible employees in their respective organizations.

Remember, your company is not paying you for simply marking your attendance and delivering only as per your key responsibility areas mentioned in your offer letter. Let me be very honest, if you have such an attitude, you might survive in the organization but would never grow professionally. In simpler words, creativity is all about taking challenges and thinking out of the box. Why do you always have to follow your Boss’s instructions? Of course you have to follow what he/she says but you can always apply your own brains and come out with something exciting and different. Being physically present in the office does not help. You need to think little differently from others. Think as to how can you make your product or brand better than your competitors. Think as to how you can make your products an instant hit among your target audience.

Without creativity; you will soon start finding your job monotonous and a mere source of burden. Do not always follow the path shown by your mentors. Sit with your counter parts, discuss, and most importantly brain storm ideas. Being creative is no rocket science; you just need to be passionate towards it.

Let me do a simple exercise with you:

I will give you a word and please write down whatever comes to your mind on a piece of paper.

The word is Beautiful.

Let me just jot down my thoughts.

For me Beautiful is:

Flower, My mother, Weather, Hill Station, A party Dress, Bangles, girls, Angelina Jolie, small baby girl in my neighbourhood, surroundings, society park and so on. Did you see the difference? One single word and many thoughts. I am sure the same is the case with you as well.

In the same way, if you have to market a Soft Drink, do not blindly follow what your seniors have been doing all this while. A soft drink can be low in calories, healthy, full of nutrients, available in various flavours, available in pet bottles or even tetra packs etc.Remember, Google does not have all the solutions. Sometimes it becomes really essential to follow what your heart says. Do what you love to do. Be creative and enjoy your work.

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