Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Individuals who are creative love to do things differently. They seldom blindly follow what others have done in the past but believe in creating their own concepts and ideas.

Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

Let us first go through a case study:

John was working with ABC industries as sales executive. His role was simply to call potential clients and explain them about various offerings of the organization. John was very creative and always aspired to create a niche of his own. Soon, he started taking active interest in even the minutest details and contributed effectively in formulating marketing strategies..

With the help of his superiors, he came out with excellent and most importantly unique ways of brand promotion which impressed their clients and converted them to loyal customers. John thought out of the box and eventually created new and innovative concepts to promote his brand..

It was because of John, ABC industries earned profits every time. Within two years John headed the marketing division of his organization. John’s hunger for creativity encouraged him to start something of his own. He soon opened his own firm and employed like-minded creative people.

So if we see John’s career path, he joined an organization as a sales executive and opened his own firm within a span of three years. It was his urge to do things differently that made him successful in such a short span of time.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship refers to the process of starting own business where like-minded individuals come together on a common platform and dream of creating something new which no one has thought of earlier. Creativity plays an essential role in entrepreneurship.

Let’s suppose you have enough capital to start a business. Now my question is why do you actually want to establish your own business?

The options are:

  • Monetary Benefits.
  • Passion to do something different and also motivate others to express themselves and come up with their thoughts.

You need to be really honest with yourself. If your Answer is A, then you are a business entrepreneur and if B, then you are a creative entrepreneur in true sense..

Do not start your own business just because you are tired of being an employee. That should ideally not be the approach. In such a scenario, soon you would lose interest in your own business also and start looking for a new option.

Do not blindly follow others. There are people who simply copy content from competitor’s website and follow their practices and policies. Such a thing is absolutely foolish. Why can’t we use our own brains? Why do we always think of following others? What is the harm in being a role model for others?

As an entrepreneur one needs to believe in himself/herself. The purpose of starting a business needs to be very clear. Learn to accept challenges. Creative people really do not bother what others are thinking about them.

As an entrepreneur, your research needs to be thorough. Do take the opinion of your employees. Sit with them, brainstorm ideas and do not feel bad if any of your employees comes up with an excellent idea.

Remember, ego has no place in the professional world. Encourage people to inculcate creativity in their approach. Yes, results would not come out in the first attempt itself, but gradually you would be surprised to see tremendous output from each and everyone.

Do listen to your employees and do not forget to take feedbacks from not only your team members but each and everyone associated with the organization.

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