Benefits of Employee Multitasking

Let us go through the benefits of employee multitasking:

Employee multitasking is beneficial for organizations as it reduces the cost of hiring new employees and also training them. Hiring is a cumbersome process. Human resource professionals need to be extremely careful while recruiting a new person so that he does not create problems later on. You might hire the best candidate but still there is no guarantee. Moreover, a new individual needs to be inducted well into the system. Proper training has to be given for him/her to understand his/her job responsibilities and also know what is expected out of him/her.

Employees with multi tasking abilities are capable of performing many duties at a single time and hence you do not have to invest much in hiring and training new individuals. Rather than appointing a new person, it is always better to rely on someone who is in the system for quite some time and can perform multiple responsibilities. Moreover, you also save on their salaries. When a single person can handle multiple things, you do not have to hire specific individuals for particular tasks.

Multitasking employees certainly increase the productivity of the organization. They deliver more output with minimum resources. Rather than appointing five new people for a particular process, a multiskilled employee can do everything on his own. In such a case, you do not need five computers, telephones, drawers or workstations but just one. Nothing is better than a single person doing the work of five people.

Employees with multitasking abilities have better chances of survival than others even in the worst situations. They are the ones who do not have to depend on others for every small thing and believe in doing several tasks on their own. Such organizations do not suffer much even if individuals leave all of a sudden.

    Organization A had ten employees with multitasking abilities.

    Organization B had twenty employees who could do only their own work and nothing else.

    Employees representing the MIS department went for leaves in both the Organization.

    Employees in Organization A did not crib as they were familiar with Excel and could maintain their data without any major problem.

    Employees of Organization B were helpless and lost majority of their Data in the absence of MIS team. As a result of all this, they not only faced major losses but also lost few of their important clients.

Organizations with multitalented employees have an edge over competitors as here employees, if need arises, can not only do their own work but also help others in their work. Such employees do not crib if their counter parts take leaves or quit job. They believe in taking the charge themselves so that their organization does not have to suffer.

Multitasked employees do not have the time to indulge in unwanted activities as they themselves are busy with their own work. In a way, employee multitasking also leads to employee involvement where individuals believe in achieving targets within the stipulated time frame, come what may. Such employees are not rigid and accept additional responsibilities with a smile. They perform several tasks single handedly not out of any compulsion but because they want to see their organization at the highest level of success. For them performing multiple responsibilities is not their job but passion.

Such employees seldom crib or complain and also readily help each other. They actively participate in various training programs and other sessions or seminars with an open mind to upgrade their existing knowledge and hone their skills which eventually would benefit not only the employee but also the organization.

Multitasked employees are definitely the need of the hour and are valuable assets of the organization. Multitasked employees are successful not only in their current assignment but wherever they go.

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