Motivating the Sales Team

Sales Professionals play a pivotal role in generating revenues for the organization. They are the ones who are responsible for product promotion and making a particular brand popular amongst the end users. In simpler words, sales representatives are the true face of an organization.

The individuals representing the sales and marketing vertical must be satisfied with their organization. A sense of belonging at the workplace is important.

Superiors must motivate the sales team from time to time to extract the best out of them.

Let us go through various ways to motivate the sales team:

  1. Regular Interaction

    • The management must interact with the sales team more often to understand their needs and expectations from the organization.

    • The sales representatives must have an easy access to the boss’s cabin at the times of queries. Transparency is essential at all levels.

    • The sales manager must sit with his team once in a week to address their grievances. No issue should be left unattended.

    • Healthy communication between the management and sales team is a good way to motivate the individuals. The sales executives must be aware of the latest developments at the workplace.

    • Take them out once in a while for picnics, outings or dinners. Such activities bind the team members together and motivate them to work as a single unit.

  2. Roles and responsibilities

    • Roles and responsibilities must not be imposed on any of the members. Let them accept responsibilities on their own. It is for the superiors to understand which employee can perform which function in the best possible way. Job mismatch leads to demotivated employees.

    • They should be aware of their KRAs from the very beginning. The management should make it very clear that a sales representative is expected to go out and meet clients. No individual should have unrealistic demands. It leads to problems and confusions later on.

    • A sales professional must be aggressive, smart and a little diplomatic. They must be excellent in follow ups. Impatient individuals find it difficult to do well in sales.

  3. Realistic Targets

    • Targets for the sales team must be realistic and achievable. Don’t ask for anything which you yourself know is not possible.

    • Don’t expect miracles overnight.

  4. Incentives and Monetary benefits

    • Handsome incentive plans go a long way in motivating the sales professionals. Nothing works better than money. Attractive incentive schemes prompt the employees to work hard and make the maximum use of their ability.

    • Performers must be rewarded with attractive gifts, coupons, cash prizes or certificates for them to feel motivated and deliver the same performance every time.

    • Acknowledge the hard work of employees.

  5. Appreciation

    • Appreciation plays an important role in motivating the employees. Praise the ones who perform exceptionally well. A pat on their back can actually do wonders. Let them feel special and indispensable for the team as well as the organization. Give them their due credit.

    • Display their names on the notice boards for everyone to get a glimpse. Give them badges to flaunt.

  6. Involvement

    • Involve the team members in the company’s strategies. Let them participate in important discussions. Don’t criticize their ideas or views.

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