Role of Communication in Sales Management

Sales Management refers to the art of achieving the sales targets within the stipulated time frame through effective budgeting and meticulous planning. Sales management enables the sales representatives to close sales deals in favour of the organization and eventually earn revenues for the same.

Communication plays an important role in sales management. Sales professionals need to be good communicators for the desired impact. In simpler words, communication is the backbone of sales management. It is absolutely not possible to close a sales deal without effective communication.

There must be healthy communication between the sales professionals and the customers as well as amongst the sales representatives.

Communication between sales professionals and external clients

Keep your sales pitch simple and precise. Complicated sales terminologies and jargons confuse the customers. It is important for the customers to understand your products for them to believe in them and eventually purchase the same. The sales professionals must be well aware of the benefits of the products.

Sales professionals must be very careful about their tone of voice. Never be too loud or too soft. Be polite. Make sure you are audible to the customers. Don’t ever be rude to them.

While addressing a group of customers make sure even the individuals sitting on the last bench can hear you properly. Don’t just speak for the front benchers.

One should never interfere when the second party is speaking. Wait for your turn to speak.

Don’t play with words. Convey exactly what your product offers. Fake promises and wrong commitments lead to problems and confusions later on. Transparency is essential for a long term relationship with the customers. Avoid telling lies to them.

Make sure your sales presentation is interesting.

While speaking to the customers over the phone, make sure you are not chewing or eating something. Don’t put the customers on long holds. Never avoid customer’s calls unless and until there is an emergency.

Understand the needs and expectations of the customers and suggest them the best solution.

The customer can ask you any question under the sun and it is your duty to clarify his doubts. Make sure you are well prepared. One should never lose his temper while interacting with the customers.

Include warm greetings in your conversation for a personal touch.

Communication amongst the sales team

The sales manager must communicate with his sales team on an open platform for everyone to participate and give their valuable inputs and suggestions.

Transparency must be maintained at all levels for healthy relationship amongst the sales professionals. The sales representatives should be aware of their targets and incentives from the very beginning to avoid confusions later on. Make sure the targets are realistic and achievable.

All important information should be circulated through emails. The related members should be kept in loop for everyone to get the same information. Do not communicate with individuals separately in closed cabins. It gives a wrong message

Each one should have the liberty to express his/her views and participate in decision making process of the organization

The roles and responsibilities of sales representatives must be communicated to them well in advance. They must know what is expected out of them.

Effective communication is instrumental in closing sales deals and maintaining healthy relationship with the existing as well as potential clients.

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