Different Types of Sales Professionals

A sales professional in a workplace is responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization and maintaining relationship with the existing and potential clients.

He plays a central role in generating revenues for the organization.

Following are the types of sales people in organizations:

  1. The Diplomat

    • As the name suggests, a diplomat is one who always tries to play a safe game. He hates taking risks in life and accepts things as they come.
    • These people tend to have a casual approach towards work.
    • A diplomat never believes in putting pressure on the customers. If he fails to convince the client in the first attempt, he would never try to do it again. He would simply ignore and try with the next client.
    • Such sale professionals are calm, have an easy going attitude and are never under pressure.
  2. The Rejection Dreader

    • Such sales professionals fear rejections and failures at work. They find it very difficult to accept failures at the workplace.
    • They depend more on cribbing and complaining rather than working and getting results.
    • Such kinds of people fail to motivate themselves and tend to develop a laidback and negative attitude after a single failure.
  3. The Militant Closer

    • As the name suggests such sales professionals are extremely aggressive and can go to any extent to get results.
    • They are only concerned about their targets and results and hardly think about the needs and expectations of the clients. For them the only thing which matters is closing the deal. They hardly bother whether a customer requires a particular product or not
    • In most cases they make the client’s life hell just to sell their products and earn revenues.
  4. The Sales Scholar

    • Such sales professionals believe in lots of research and planning before going for a sales call.
    • They spend their maximum time browsing internet, reading books and newspapers, checking various articles on sales rather than going out in the field and meeting people.
    • Sales scholars put more emphasis on theoretical knowledge as compared to practical exposure.
    • They have an eye on even the minutest details.
  5. The Phony

    • There are certain sales representatives who simply pretend to be client’s best friend. Such people fall in this category.
    • They always speak good and appear to be sugar coated.
  6. The Overcooked Casualty

    • This category involves people who do sales just to earn their bread and butter, not as a passion.
    • Such people chose sales as a profession because they feel it is an easy way to earn money as there are huge incentives involved.
    • Their main motive is to close deals and earn incentives. They do not care much for the customers.
  7. The Professional

    • As the name suggests the professionals are the ones who look forward towards providing the right solution to the clients.
    • They enjoy interacting with people and suggest only what is right and best for them.
    • Professionals ensure clients are satisfied with their service. For them client relationship is of utmost importance.
    • They never get impatient or hyper while attending customers instead suggest them the best available options.

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