What is Online Advertising - A Basic Understanding

Marketing managers are brushing up their marketing lessons, for the world and markets have changed with E Commerce. The traditional theories are no longer relevant and sufficient, for people have now begun to switch over to online buying. Of course as compared to the traditional ways of buying goods, online shopping is but a small percentage of the total trade. However over the years the trend of online shopping is increasing and in the years to come it is certainly going to catch up and grow faster.

Companies are fast realizing the need to have an E Marketing plan. Whether the Organisation chooses to offer online business to its customers or chooses to continue with existing channels of sale, the fact remains that one does not have an option but to be present on the web.

When a customer is looking for information concerning the particular product or business that the Organisation is engaged with, it is important that the Organisation or brand be represented and feature amongst the list when searched and looked upon by the customers.

Organisations big or small need to have their presence felt in the web. Going by the simple logic, if your customers are on the internet, then your Organisation has got to be on the internet too. In other words we can very well say that businesses do not have a choice but to be in the place where the customers are.

While working out a strategy or marketing plan, a lot of focus is paid to the advertising and business promotions strategy. In the current scenario, there is a need to integrate the e-advertising along with conventional advertising.

Again whether the Company proposes to sell online or not, advertising the latest products and being in news becomes a necessity. There arises a need to work out the advertising and promotional plan in detail, including the traditional media as well as the internet media and see how to synchronize all the mediums to get the best results.

The present trend followed by general public seems to be that they watch the advertisements through various mediums such as TV, Print Advertisements etc and for further information they tend to visit the Company Website for more details.

Whoever is on the internet inadvertently tends to use the internet for further information on the subject of his or her interest. Therefore in the case of businesses running major advertising campaigns using other media will need to be advertising even on the internet at the same time and offer more product and sales information online.

If a Car Company is introducing a new model in the market, it is not enough to have the news splashed with all details on the news paper.

People who are looking to buy a new car are likely to see the advertisement on the newspaper but immediately check out the internet to see more details. In such cases, it helps to have all details about the car being made available on the website.

All those who visit the website to have a look at the car are the prospective customers. The marketing can pick up and develop these leads further. There needs to be an option for the interested customers to initiate a sales request or some such process by which the customer can be engaged for further discussion.

It helps the Managers to think through and understand the concept of advertising on the internet and compare it with the traditional modes.

Online advertising can provide a lot of information about the customer behaviour, his requirement and his feedback besides being able to quantify the market size and other characteristics of the market too.

To sum it up, Organisations have got to recognize and adapt online advertising as a part of overall advertising and promotional campaign. Understanding of online advertising, its effectiveness, its reach and the output from such online advertising is necessary for the decision makers to be able to build their Marketing strategies.

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