Who Controls the Social Web Content? - Marketers Don’t

Those who are avid bloggers spend hours on internet discussing and sharing information with others over several social networks. Blogging, Chatting and streaming music as well as videos and making new friends as well as checking out new sites and networks is how most people spend their evenings with. Social web has enabled the users to use several multi-media tools and thus given them the freedom to express themselves through any of the written, audio or video mediums. Communication and social interaction is one of the basic tendencies of human beings and society at large.

Over the web, people tend to share their experiences, views and all about what is happening in their life as well as around them. Therefore be it information about their travel experience or the anniversary and birthday celebrations, you will find individuals discussing several issues. Featured in their discussion will be the reference to various products or services that they have come across or used. Their experience in use of or their knowledge and awareness of the product as well as their perceptions get to be known and discussed widely.

When a group discussion takes place regarding any product or service, the response can be positive or negative depending upon the members and the trend of the discussion. A marketer would definitely be interested in this niche segment to ensure that he contributes to the discussions and helps build brand loyalty.

Content on Social networks is largely built or created by the individual participants. Every individual is capable of creating and uploading any content that he feels is right. The experts in the Social Web consultancy call this as Consumer generated media and includes all kinds of blogs, videos, photos, music as well as reviews, ratings etc. Marketers would do well to remember that all of the content is generated by the participants and they control the way the discussions are developed and opinions are formed.

If the Marketers are not able to control the content and discussions on social networks, how can they participate and get their message across the audience?. Understanding and measuring the blogs and other networks helps the marketers design the strategy to participate and market their products and services online and influence the social networks. Measurement and tagging of blogs provides detailed information to the Marketers about the number of forums, the number of participants as well as the general trend of opinion regarding their product or service category.

As people discuss anything and everything connected to their life and experiences, a lot of data be it regarding price of an airline ticket, the stay at a hotel or about discounts offered on automobiles and shopping experiences surface in the discussions. Understanding and analyzing the feedback received from such social networks can be used effectively by the Organization to fine tune their product or service offering as well as create niche products or services for each segment. Using the same multimedia tools in terms of audiovisuals etc, you can demonstrate the product performance, features or an experience which will be far more effective than just words. When the feedback gets translated into action and the same is intimated by the marketer to the participants in the network, the customers are likely to appreciate such response and the brand loyalty or the reputation is likely to grow.

To be successful on the Social Web, the marketer has got to be present and actively participating with the related groups. Though one may not be able to control the content or the trend of discussions on the social network, the marketer can definitely influence and guide the discussions. Building a brand image and reputation does take a long time and the Organization needs to have sustained interest and involvement with the blogging community.

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