Different Types of Blogs

Blogging is one of the easiest and simplest ways of reaching out to your audience using the Social Media. Blogging happens to be a very effective medium for building your reputation, for interacting with your customers, for building relationships as well as for business purposes.

Blogging entails not only talking about yourself, your ideas, views and opinions, but more importantly to listening to the community of customers who are interested in your and your product. By listening, you get to learn and receive more information and feedback that is likely to help you with your business and product development as well.

In this section, we shall briefly review different types of blogs that are available in Social Media Channels today. Popular types of blogs include Personal blogs, Corporate Blogs, Micro Blogging as well as Blogs by Genre, by Media Type or Device type etc.

Personal Blogs

Check out some of the famous personal blogs of Techies, Investment Bankers, Celebrities or Political Leaders etc and you will get to see the way they have built an online reputation by communicating with audience through their personal blogs.

By establishing their personal blogs, they are able to talk and convey their ideas, their opinions and plans to the audience easily. They are also able to elicit response and opinions from the expert community which is equally talented and is able to provide valuable feedback. Such response and being able to read the pulse of the audience, would be of immense value to a political leader or a business entrepreneur.

Personal bloggers make it a point to share some information about themselves, their families, their attitude, lifestyle, likes and dislikes as well as the causes that are close to one’s heart etc. Such disclosure helps connect with the audience and gives a picture of the blogger as an individual. This helps connect with likeminded people and sends out a message of transparency as well as honesty, thus contributing to building a public reputation in the long run.

Corporate Blogs

All of the Corporate Companies in the world today have engaged themselves in building and interacting with customers across the globe through their Corporate Blogs. Each of the blogs are created and revolve around the vision and goal that the program is built to support. The goals and vision is again centered on the type of business and the corporate goals too.

In the technology field, you can find the best blog sites maintained by Corporates like IBM, Dell, SAP, Oracle etc. The subjects that are discussed vary from discussions on product, installations, service, applications, problem solving to new developments and several technology related issues, besides customer service etc.

In the service sector, one of the best known blogs belong to South West airlines which is used by the airlines to listen and learn from the actual experiences of the travelers, to communicate, clarify and to announce new service features, promotions, additions and customer care programs as well as to connect with its employees and more importantly to build loyalty amongst the customers.

Starbucks is another favorite site of bloggers who not only love the Coffee Experience but find it engaging to contribute to ‘My Starbuck Idea’. Starbuck has successfully engaged the customer community across the globe to have a say in the way it spearheads its business in the future. This is one way of building successful and sure shot future.

Other Types of Blogs

Besides the Personal and Corporate Blogs, one other types of blogs that you would want to check out would be the blogs that are built around a particular topic or genre which attracts contributions from the best amongst the community.

Political blogs, travel blogs, blogs floated by Scientist community, Educationists and other such specialist blogs. TED Blog is an ideal example of a blog of think tank community where in the best of thinkers put forward their thoughts and the discussions build around the progressive ideas.

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