Blogging as Marketing Communication Channel

There is so much happening on the Social Network Marketing scene that Companies now have no option or choice but to be present in these channels. If you are planning to introduce a new product in the market or to build your brand image or reputation, the most preferred option available today happens to be the Social Media Channels.

It is true that you do not have an option but to take part and interact with your customers through those Social Media Channels where they are present. However the medium consists of a whole lot of platforms and channels that can be classified under Social Networks, Social Content and Social Interaction channels.

To build an effective marketing communication strategy you would need to be present not in any one but in multiple channels depending upon the presence of your customers.

Blogging happens to be one of the easiest and simplest methods of establishing rapport with your prospective and existing customer base. Blogging includes several categories including personal blogs, Company Blogs, Micro blogging, Photo/Video Sharing and Podcasts.

Blogging - Two Way Communication

Blogging provides one of the easiest, fastest and direct ways of interacting with your audience. By creating and writing your blog, you are able to tell your customers and audience the things that you wish to tell about yourself, your product or service and your company and invite them to share their opinions and feedback etc.

Blogging is an initiative from your end and you can choose the amount of time and attention you wish to pay to your blog and build social interactions. Blogging gives you a chance to elicit fair and frank discussion and opinions from the audience and community that is definitely interested in you and your product.

Blogging is not only about you talking about yourself and your product. You will get to listen and understand all about your customers too.

Blogging also provides you with the opportunity to listen to your customers, to understand their expectations, their experiences as well as their feelings etc which can give you substantial insight into your own business or product and the way forward in your business. You can manage to cultivate a very close relationship with those who are able to provide you with honest feedback and build a loyal base too.

Blogging is not Advertising

The concept of blogging works different when compared to the other mediums that you use for advertising. In blogging, you are marketing to the customers but not through direct advertisements and one sided messages, but more importantly by listening to your audience, building a relationship with them, taking their feedback and trying to improve your product offering and services.

You can use this medium to enhance the value that you provide to your customers. Using this medium involves listening and engaging customers in conversation as against direct advertising. Needless to say that you would need to match up with product performance and service delivery to match with the customer expectation and keep up your promised delivery too.

One of the rules that you have got to remember and follow at all times while blogging is to be transparent and open with information. If you are seriously interested in building a long term profile and reputation, it is best to avoid ‘paid blogging’ as many of the Companies do.

It is better to remember that the blogger community is smart enough to be able to distinguish actual blogging from paid blogging. Any such issue can result in negative publicity which is to be avoided at any cost.

Remember at all times that it is best to be open and transparent about the facts regarding yourself and your business at all times. It helps to give your profile details and get your audience to know you as a person. Such transparency helps build your image and reputation online.

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