Using Business and Social Networks for Marketing & Organizational Purposes

As a part of advertising campaign or marketing program, every business will need to use Social Media channels to connect with the market, the prospective Customer as well as the ‘Already’ Customer.

If you are interested in building a brand and an image for your product as well as for your Organization or business, you have no option but to be present on the Social Media. Social Media consists of various channels and platforms grouped under Social Networks, Social Content and Social Interactions.

In this section, we are focusing on Social Networks including the Personal Social Networks as well as Professional/Business Networks and White Label Networks. Social Networks provide a huge opportunity for an Organization to connect with a community that is interested in the line of business or the product that the Organization is talking about build an online reputation in the long run.

Building Internal Social Networks Within the Organization

Organizations have found it very profitable to participate and build Social Networks not only with the outside community but within the organization including all the employees. By encouraging, listening and participating in discussions with the employee community, the Organization is able to promote a non formal platform that encourages the employees to speak up about their views, problems.

Important feedback on what the employees think of a particular product, policy or the Company can be gathered easily on such social networks. These networks help the Organizations to search for and recruit good talent as well as nurture smart talent too.

Internal Social Networks help the Organization feel the pulse of the employees, build and promote an open culture and enhance the feeling of togetherness too. On the marketing front, it helps the Organization announce its future plans for product development, invite productive and creative feedback and assessment as well as build internal loyalty too.

How to Benefit from Participating in Professional & Business Social Networks

Apart from using Personal Social Networks as well as the Internal Social Networks, one can benefit largely from using professional Social Networks too. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Jigsaw etc, prove to be a huge mine of data and information on various contacts, specific interest groups, communities of experts etc.

Marketers have realized the potential that exists in these business social networks and the community of professionals and have developed successful strategy to engage them for productive purposes.

Most of the leading brands and companies have developed strategies of introducing discussions around a new product that they are planning to develop and release and thus build a community of people interested in the said product.

By cultivating a online community, they are able to create a buzz around the product and such publicity helps in its actual product launch.

In many cases, the Organizations are able to engage with the community of experts on productive discussions regarding the product and thus obtain useful feedback, suggestions and solutions that help with product development.

Market research and market feedback can be generated with the help of online communities.

Social Networks, both individual networks as well as professional networks provide the best opportunities for the Organizations to be in continuous touch with its audience and more importantly engage with them on an interactive basis.

How far and how much you can get out of these platforms depends upon the how much you can engage consistently and persistently as well as invest time and effort in engaging your customers.

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