Understanding the Power of Feedback and Content on Social Network

Social Web is of the people, by the people and for the people. It is the freedom of expression and freedom of publishing, creating and sharing content using text, audio and visual media that powers the Social Media Networks.

There are millions of social networks and the numbers are only growing. For the first time, the marketers and advertising agencies as well as PR agencies have had to admit that they do not control the content that is created on the Social Web.

Can any Marketing Organization that is creating and promoting a brand or service afford to ignore and keep away from Social Networks?. It is not possible. Marketers will realize that their competition is present and is participating in the community discussions and therefore you have to be there too.

Not only the competition, it is more important for the Organization to realize that the social media network community consists of Satisfied as well as unsatisfied customers and the prospective customers as well. It is important at this stage to remember that the feedback generated and given by the existing customers and their opinions are likely to influence the ‘To be’ or ‘Would be’ customers.

If you thought that the management slogan of ‘Customer is the King’ need not be taken seriously, it is time to sit up and take note of the slogan and believe in it seriously. Social Networks are the most effective and powerful platforms that provide the real feedback from the Customers and this feedback is of immense value to the Companies.

Tech Savvy individuals who are participating in the community discussions regarding your product or service are likely to evaluate your product as soon as it is introduced in the market and give their feedback using visual media in the form of photos or video clippings which can be uploaded into the web in an instant and is made available to all viewers across the globe.

Power of Feedback

At this point, it is important for the Organizations to realize the potential that such Social Networks hold to make or break their reputation.

Any blogger who happens to check into a hotel in any city can immediately post a review of the hotel and his/her experience adding photographs to prove his/her statements within a few minutes. Be it favorable or unfavorable, his/her comments and posts are likely to be viewed and discussed by thousands of viewers who are likely to form their opinions either for or against the hotel.

If the experience has not been favorable, the potential of damage can be huge as all the viewers and participants are likely to make a note and avoid the hotel in the future. Even those who are looking for information and reviews about the hotel in particular are likely to get influenced by the unfavorable post causing immense damage to the hotel’s business prospects.

The Organizations would do well to understand the power of the Social web and understand that the Social Networks expose the gap between the promise made and the actual delivery against expectation if any.

Similarly a satisfied customer’s report can also impact the Organization in a huge way. Whether the Customer experience has been positive or negative, the posts are likely to be viewed by thousands in a few minutes and make up their mind regarding future purchase or consumption of your product or service.

Before embarking on branding or marketing exercise on the Social networks, it is important for Organizations to get their act together and ensure that whatever the marketing promises, the operations is geared up and ready to deliver the same. Any shortfall or gap is likely to get highlighted with magnifying effect and influence the potential customers. To undo such damage is likely to take a very long time and a lot of effort.

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