Tips to Improve Interpersonal Relations at Workplace

Interpersonal relationship refers to a strong association among employees either working together in the same team or same organization.

Employees must get along well for a positive and healthy ambience at the workplace.

Let us go through some tips to improve interpersonal relationship at workplace.

  • Do not treat office as your home. There is a certain way of behaving at the workplace. It is essential to be professional at work. Never misbehave with any of your colleagues. Legpulling, criticism, backbiting are a strict no no. It is better to avoid someone you don’t like rather than fighting or arguing with him/her. Your office colleagues can be your friends as well but one must know where to draw the line. Too much of friendship is harmful and spoils relationship among employees.

  • An individual should not interfere in his colleague’s work. Superiors must formulate specific KRAs for all the employees and make sure job responsibilities do not overlap. Overlapping of job responsibility leads to employees interfering in each other’s tasks and eventually fighting over small issues. One should be concerned only with his work rather than trying to find out what the other employee is up to.

  • Give space to your fellow workers. Giving space infact is essential in all relationships. Overhearing anyone else’s personal conversation is strictly unprofessional. An employee must not open envelopes, couriers or letters not meant for him. Such practices lead to severe displeasure among employees and eventually spoil relationships.

  • Do not spread baseless rumours at workplace. Even if you know something about someone, learn to keep things to yourself. Discuss it with the individual concerned in private rather than publicizing the whole thing. Organization has nothing to do with anyone’s private matters.

  • Pass on correct information to others. If your superior has asked you to share some information with any of your colleagues, make sure it is shared in its desired form. Data tampering and playing with information spoil relationships among colleagues and lead to confusions at the workplace.

  • Do not share all your secrets with your co workers. You never know when they might misuse them. Even if you do, make sure you are doing it with someone you trust blindly.

  • Leave your ego behind. Do not bring your personal tensions to work. Think before you speak. Making fun of colleagues is something which is not at all expected out of a professional.

  • A team leader should not scold any of his team members in front of others. It might insult him/her. Call the individual concerned either to your cabin or conference room. Avoid comparisons among team members. The employees must be strictly judged according to their work and nothing else. Employees doing well should be suitably rewarded.

  • Stay away from nasty politics at workplace. Do not try to harm anyone. It is absolutely okay to appreciate someone who has done something exceptionally well. Avoid being jealous. It will harm you in the long run. There should be healthy competition among the employees for a healthy environment at the workplace.

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