Workplace Politics - Meaning and Reasons for Office Politics

A setup where individuals from diverse backgrounds, different educational qualifications and varied interests come together to work towards a common goal is called an organization. (Also called workplace).

An organization is nothing but an arrangement where individuals work together and join hands in achieving a common goal. The success and failure of an organization is directly proportional to the amount of hard work put by each employee. Individuals must work as a single unit to avoid unnecessary conflicts and politics at the workplace.

For an individual his organization should come first and everything else later. A sense of belongingness and dedication towards work is important.

It is essential for the employees to work together in close coordination with each other to deliver their level best. A sense of unity is important to extract the best out of the employees. Transparency has to be maintained at all levels for a positive ambience at the workplace.

What is workplace Politics ?

Office politics arises when employees tend to misuse their power to gain undue attention and popularity at the workplace.

Employees indulge in work politics simply to tarnish their colleague’s reputation to obtain advantages and come in the good books of their superiors. If you really have the potential, there is nothing stopping you.

Politics reduces the productivity of individuals and eventually the organization is at a loss. People tend to spend their maximum time in pulling each other’s legs and playing nasty politics at work.

Individuals find it difficult to concentrate on work due to unnecessary politics at the workplace. Remember the organization pays you for your hard work, and not for playing politics at workplace.

It majorly affects the relationship amongst the individuals. Friends turn foes due to politics. People stop helping and most importantly trusting each other.

Office politics also increases conflicts and tensions at the workplace. Employees do not enjoy at the workplace and treat work as a burden.

Politics never helps in the long run. Ultimately it is an individual’s hard work and intelligence which benefits him/her.

Employees must enjoy a healthy relationship with their colleagues to give their best. Discussions are important to reach to the best option. Due to politics people avoid interacting with their fellow workers and thus fail to reach to innovative conclusions. The concept of team work and working in groups get nullified in cases of work politics.

Criticism increases as a result of office politics and people tend to crib more.

One should not favour any of his team members just because he offers him a lift daily to work. One should keep his personal and professional lives separate.

Office politics promotes negativity at the work place.

Reasons for Office Politics

  • Employees aspiring to come in the limelight easily without much hard word depend on politics.
  • Politics arises when employees aspire to achieve something beyond their authority and control in a short span of time.
  • Lack of supervision and control at the workplace.
  • Too much of gossip at work lead to politics.
  • Arrogant superiors
  • Jealous colleagues

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