Interpersonal Relationship Skills/Qualities

A strong association between individuals sharing similar interest and goal is called as interpersonal relationship. It is important to have trustworthy colleagues around at the workplace.

One needs to know how to interact with fellow workers. Let us go through some interpersonal skills an individual needs to inculcate for a healthy relationship with coworkers.

  • Stay positive at the workplace. Do not crib over small things. No individual on this earth is perfect. Do not always find mistakes in others.

  • Respect your colleagues. It is unprofessional to misbehave with fellow workers. An employee must behave in an acceptable way at the workplace. Maintain the decorum of the workplace.

  • Being rude to fellow workers spoils the relationship among employees. Remember the way you behave speaks a lot about your education, upbringing and family background. Be polite to everyone irrespective of his/her designation and income.

  • An individual needs to have effective communication skills (both oral as well as written) for a healthy interpersonal relationship at workplace. One must be careful about the pitch and tone of his voice. Never be too loud or too soft.

    Being loud sometimes is considered rude and being too soft signifies lack of interest in the other person. Choice of words is also equally important. Never say anything which you yourself would not like to listen. Avoid using slangs and foul words at the workplace. Communicate more through emails as they are considered to be more reliable as compared to verbal communication.

  • Be cheerful at the workplace. Smile more often. It works.

  • Make your fellow workers feel important. Show how much you care for them. If they have done something for you, do remember to thank them. The good work of employees must be acknowledged and appreciated in front of all. Being jealous does not help and in turn spoils your relationship with your fellow workers.

  • Stand by your colleagues at the times of crisis. Lend a sympathetic ear to their troubles and help them whenever required.

  • Who says you can’t have friends at the workplace? After all you spend maximum part of your day here. Wish your colleagues on their birthdays, anniversaries and important festivals. They would feel special.

  • Be honest to others. If any of your colleagues is doing something wrong, tell him on his face. It is better to be straight forward than spreading unnecessary rumours about someone. Criticizing and making fun of fellow workers spoil relationships and eventually turn friends into foes.

  • Be a patient listener. Listen to what the other person has to say. Understand the other person’s point of view as well before jumping to conclusions. Wrong perceptions of people lead to unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings.

  • Being trustworthy helps you gain confidence of fellow workers. Learn to keep things to yourself.

  • An individual’s personal interest ought to take a backseat at workplace. Your office has nothing to do with your personal life and personal problems. You have no right to shout on your co workers. Learn to keep a control on your emotions.

  • Be a little more understanding and compromising to avoid unnecessary conflicts at the workplace. Put yourself in your colleague’s shoes before taking any crucial decisions.

  • Be nice and kind to everyone. Make sure you are not labeled as “brat”. Be a source of inspiration for others. Remember it is you and only you who can make a difference to the organization. Behave as a thorough professional.

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