Role of Employees in Interpersonal Relationship Development

Individuals need to get along well with their fellow workers for a positive ambience at workplace and also for healthy interpersonal relationship. It is essential for individuals to trust each other at the workplace for better relations. It is almost impossible for employees to work alone. Everyone needs people around to discuss things and reach to better solutions.

Let us go through the role of employees in interpersonal relationship.

  • It is important for employees to stay positive at workplace. Do not always find faults in your fellow workers. Remember no one on this earth is perfect. No matter how bad the other individual is, one needs to maintain the decorum of the workplace. The best way is to ignore the one you do not like rather than indulging in conflicts and spoiling relationship. Conflicts turn friends into foes.

  • Be a little more adjusting. Things can’t always be the way you like. Listen to others and understand their point of view as well. Don’t see your personal interests always.

  • Never ever under estimate your fellow workers. You never know when someone comes up with a brilliant idea. Treat everyone with respect. Ignoring people leads to frustration and eventually spoils relationships at workplace. Listen to all. Giving importance to few and sidelining others create problems among employees. Such things demotivate employees to give their best. They start treating office and work as a burden.

  • Never be partial to anyone. Employees performing well should be appreciated in front of others. Those who are not performing up to the expectations must be asked to pull up their socks next time irrespective of the relation they share with you or with the senior management. One of your team members can be your best friend but when it comes to results and targets, even he should not be spared. Work should never be mixed with personal relations.

  • It is unethical to spread rumours around at the workplace. Backbiting, leg pulling, criticism are the biggest reasons of displeasure among employees. Learn to be straightforward. If you feel your colleague is doing something wrong, tell him on his face rather than discussing with others. Making fun of others is unprofessional.

  • An individual should be trustworthy. If any of your colleagues has confided something in you, do not backstab him. Do not walk up to your boss and reveal all his secrets. Learn to keep things to yourself.

  • Avoid being arrogant. Don’t show unnecessary attitude to people around. You might be heading a particular department but that does not mean you have the authority to be rude to people around. You are getting paid for your services and no one will tolerate your dominant and bossy nature. Leave your ego behind the moment you step inside your office.

  • Think before you speak. Make sure you do not hurt people. Never ever insult anyone intentionally.

  • Greet your colleagues even if he/she is not from your team. It hardly matters. A smile can actually make a difference.

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