Personality Traits of a Successful Manager

Remember being a manager does not mean sitting in a closed cabin and passing on instructions to your team members. Do not forget that respect is something which is always earned, never demanded. Adopting a “Hitler approach” will not only make you unpopular among your team members but also an unwanted member within the organization. No one will tolerate your Bossy nature for a long time. One of the most important roles of a manager is to take his team along and motivate team members to deliver their level best. Your role is to extract the best out of employees and also help them hone their skills and abilities.

Make your team members feel that you are there with them always. Extend your support whenever required. A good manager is one who smiles even at the times of stress. A manager ought to be like a protective cushion who absorbs all the stress and tension and never passes on to his team members. Encourage your team members to smile quite often as it not only reduces stress among team members but also leads to a positive ambience at the workplace.Remember,you have to be a role model for your team members. A manager is successful only when he is a strong source of inspiration for his team members.

A manager needs to carry himself well. Whatever you wear daily to work, your team members would automatically start following your style. Make sure you dress sensibly; after all you have to set an example for your team members. Avoid wearing casuals and loud colours to work. Wear clothes which make you feel confident and look good.

As a manager, one needs to be honest and fully committed towards the organization to expect loyalty from team members in return. Do not treat your organization as a mere source of earning money. Discourage your team members to backstab each other and spread unnecessary rumours about fellow workers.

Never be rude to any of your team members. Do not treat your employees as slaves. Appreciate employees who perform exceptionally well. A pat on their back will go a long way in motivating them to perform even better the next time. Put their names on notice boards to acknowledge their hard work.

Reach office on time. Being punctual is a great personality trait which makes you successful in a short span of time. Ask your team members to reach office on time to avoid unnecessary late sittings. Late sittings do not indicate that an employee is hard working but reflect his/her poor time management skills.

Leave your ego behind the moment you enter office. There is no place for ego and personal problems at workplace. Do not hold personal grudges against anyone in your team. Avoid criticizing and making fun of others.

As a manager, you need to be flexible in your approach. Be realistic. Don’t be surprised if your team member asks for a half day or a full day leave on his/her birthday. After all it is a special day for him. Do not stop him unless and until there is something really urgent at work.

Respect your team members. Every employee in the organization ought to be treated as one irrespective of his/her designation or level in the hierarchy.

Be a patient listener. Lend a sympathetic ear to your team members in case of queries. Give them correct feedbacks and timely monitor their performance.

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