Personality Disorders - Meaning and Different Types of Disorders

Personality refers to an individual’s way of interacting with people around; his behavior towards others, attitude, thought process and way of perceiving things. It is the personality of an individual which makes him/her unique and stand apart from the rest.

Let us now understand the meaning of Personality disorders

Personality disorders refer to certain abnormalities in the behavior of individuals. Any form of disability in an individual which inhibits him from doing certain tasks which a normal person can easily do refers to a disorder. Personality disorders lead to some form of abnormality or disturbance in an individual’s personality.

Personality disorders are conditions where an individual fails to behave in the desired manner and his thought process and mindset are not in lines with the society’s norms and expectations. Individuals with some kind of personality disorder fail miserably in relationships, personal as well as professional lives.

Personality disorders can arise due to genetic factors (hereditary factors), environmental problems, cultural issues and so on. Individuals with a troubled childhood are more prone to personality disorders.

Individuals with a history of physical or sexual abuse often show signs of personality disorders. An individual can show signs of personality disorders from childhood which might become critical as he grows. Signs and symptoms of personality disorders vary from individual to individual.

Personality Disorders

Types of Personality Disorders

  1. Paranoid Personality Disorder - Individuals with a paranoid personality disorder mistrust others for no reason. They adopt a suspicious attitude towards almost every individual around them. They consider themselves unsafe wherever they go and always look for signs of danger or threats. They consider every single person as their enemy. Such individuals tend to find a problem in almost every situation.

  2. Schizoid personality disorder - Individuals with a schizoid personality disorder find socializing with others irrelevant and a mere waste of time and energy. Such individuals do not believe in social relationships and prefer isolation. They almost detach themselves from the outside world and are lost in their own small world only.

  3. Schizotypal Personality Disorder - Schizotypal personality disorder refers to a condition where individuals generally think what is practically not possible. Such individuals have an odd behaviour and often get nervous in social gatherings, hence prefer staying alone.

  4. Antisocial personality Disorder - As the name suggests individuals suffering from antisocial personality disorder do not value the rights of other individuals. They often disrespect people around and have absolutely no feelings or sentiments for others. Such individuals tend to develop a feeling of hatred and jealousy towards others.

  5. Borderline Personality Disorder - Individuals with Borderline Personality disorder often suffer from extreme mood fluctuations.

    Such individuals always think in extremes and there is never a middle way for them. Such thinking is often called as “Black and white thinking” and individuals with such a personality disorder tend to be extremely violent in personal relationships.

  6. Histrionic Personality Disorder - Histrionic personality disorder refers to a condition where individuals can actually go to any limit to seek attention of people around. They do not mind even adopting wrong ways like flirting, seductive ways to make themselves popular among others. Such individuals strive hard to grab eyeballs.

  7. Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Such individuals are only concerned about their own image, pride, social status and are often self obsessed. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder think that they are the most special people on earth and no one else really exists.

  8. Avoidant Personality Disorder - Such individuals feel ignored by others and fear being ridiculed by the society. Individuals with this disorder fear interacting with others and feel that the other individual is making fun of him/her.

  9. Dependent Personality Disorder - Such individuals are extremely dependent on others and often lack self confidence. They are often dependent on others for their emotional needs.

  10. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - Individuals with obsessive compulsive personality disorder are obsessed with discipline, perfectionism, orderliness and so on.

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