Personality Types - Different Types of Personality

Let us go through the following personality types:

  1. The Duty Fulfiller - Such individuals take their roles and responsibilities seriously and perform whatever tasks are assigned to them. Duty fulfillers are serious individuals and believe in honesty and a peaceful living. They never do anything which is not good for themselves, their job, families or for the society. Such individuals are actually good and responsible citizens who abide by the legal system and can’t even dream of breaking the law. People with such a personality type are extremely hard working and often find it difficult to say NO to others, eventually becoming overburdened at the end of the day. Such individuals adopt an organized approach towards work and are extremely loyal and faithful. They also show a strong inclination towards creativity and aesthetics.

  2. The Mechanic - As the name suggests such individuals are inclined towards machinery like aeroplane, motorcycling, cars, races and so on. They are interested to know why and how certain things function. Theories do not interest them. You would not be able to convince them unless and until they see the practical application themselves. Such individuals are extremely adventurous and have a strong power of logical reasoning.

  3. The Nurturer - Nurturers are individuals with a large heart. For them, the happiness of others is more important than their own interests. Such individuals actually live for others. They do not look at the darker sides of life and believe in extracting the best out of people around. They have a positive approach in life and want to believe only the best of people.

  4. The Artist - Artists have an eye for natural beauty and creativity. Rather than worrying about future, they believe in living for the moment. Such individuals are extremely cool headed and do not get into unnecessary fights and troubles. They do not blindly copy others and aspire to create a style of their own.

  5. The Protector - You would find such a personality type in very few people, making it a very rare personality type. Protectors are systematic individuals who want the best system to get things done. They often think irrationally. They are pessimists who find a problem in every situation. Such individuals do not trust others and only believe in themselves.

  6. The Idealist - Such people have strong set of values and ethics. They find happiness in helping others. They consider themselves lucky if they get an opportunity to help others.

  7. The Scientist - Such individuals believe in careful and strategic planning. They are good observers who believe in constantly gathering information and upgrade their existing knowledge. Scientists are extremely intelligent people who have a very sharp analytical mind.

  8. The Doer - Individuals with such a personality type are the ones who believe in quick actions and immediate results. They enjoy taking risks in life and fulfill tasks assigned to them in the shortest span possible.

  9. The Guardian - Such individuals are perfectionists who ensure that everything everywhere is going on smoothly. They are mature individuals who have a clear set of standards.

  10. The Performer - Performers strive hard to grab attention of others and love being the centre of attention. They are fun loving individuals who enjoy fun and excitement in life.

  11. The Inspirer - Inspirers are talented individuals and often act as a role model for others. They have great people skills.

  12. The Giver - Individuals with “The Giver” personality type enjoy the company of others and do not prefer staying alone.

  13. The Executive - Such individuals are born to lead and make very good leaders. They love taking charge and are good decision makers.

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