How to Improve Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace ?

An association between individuals working together in the same organization is called interpersonal relationship. An individual spends around seven to eight hours at his workplace and it is practically not possible for him to work all alone. One needs people to talk to and discuss various issues at the workplace. Research says productivity increases manifold when individuals work in groups as compared to an individual working alone.

Employees must get along well for a healthy ambience at the workplace.

Let us go through various ways of improving interpersonal relationships at workplace:

  • Employees must communicate with each other effectively for a healthy relationship. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

  • Interact with your co workers more often. Discussions must be on an open platform where every individual has the liberty to express his/her views and opinions. Written mode of communication is one of the effective ways of communicating at the workplace. Make sure your emails are self explanatory and do mark a cc to all related employees. Ignoring any of your co-workers might hurt him and spoil your relationship with the indivividual concerned. Avoid hiding things from your fellow workers.

  • Even employees from a different team can be your friends. Talk to them. Greet them with a smile and a “Hi” whenever you meet them. An individual must not take things to heart at workplace.

  • Team leaders and supervisors should conduct morning meetings with their team members. Do not make the meeting too formal. The employees should be allowed to bring their coffee mugs. Let them interact with each other. Morning meetings go a long way in breaking the ice among employees and improving interpersonal relationships at workplace.

  • Do not favour any employee just because he is your relative or you know him personally. Favouritism spoils the relationship between superiors and subordinates.

  • Take your team out for lunch, picnics or get together once in a while. Let the employees bring their families as well. Ask your team members to exchange contact numbers amongst themselves for them to interact with each other even after work.

  • Greet your colleagues on their birthdays or anniversaries. Send them a nice e-card and do ask for a treat. Such small initiatives go a long way in strengthening the bond among fellow workers. Important festivals must be celebrated at workplace for employees to come closer to each other.

  • Individuals should be motivated to work in teams. Work must be equally allocated to team members to expect the best out of them. No employee should be overburdened. People working in teams are friendlier and adjust with each other better.

  • One needs to be a little more adjusting and compromising at the workplace. Don’t expect everything to be done just the way you like it. You will have all types of people around. Avoid fighting over petty things. Do not always look at the negative side of things. Accept people as they are. It is essential to look at the positive side of an individual. Being flexible at work always helps.

  • Avoid being jealous. Leave your ego behind the moment you enter the workplace. Appreciate if someone has performed exceptionally well. Remember only hard work and nothing else pays in the long run.

  • Stand by your colleagues when needed. It is only you who can create a healthy atmosphere at the workplace.

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