Know Your Employees to Improve Work Culture

Employees are indeed true assets of an organization. Managers need to know their employees well to expect them to contribute their level best and also to remain loyal towards the organization. Employees need to feel valued and important at the workplace for them to deliver their level best.

Knowing employees well leads to a healthy work culture. Managers connect with their team members and employees tend to know each other better. No individual can work in an organization where people do not talk to each other.

Human beings need people around to talk to and express their feelings. We spend the maximum part of our day at workplaces and it is essential for us to have friends here. Work becomes a mere source of burden when individuals are glued to their computers the whole day. Discussions and brainstorming sessions lead to innovative solutions and quick results.

Knowing employees strengthens the relationship between employees and their Bosses. Being rude to employees will not only demotivate them but also make you an unpopular member within the organization. Call them by their names rather than addressing as “Mr/Ms” or “Hey”, greet them with a smile and enquire what is going on in their personal lives once in a while and see the difference yourself. Trust me; you will be elated to see employees striving hard to accomplish assigned targets within the shortest possible time frame.

Conflicts and misunderstandings lead to no solutions. Fights over petty issues not only lead to frustration but also spoil the ambience at the workplace. Do not forget that we are not school going kids who would fight over small things. It is essential to behave as mature professionals.

Encourage healthy communication at workplace where employees get an opportunity to interact with each other, discuss ideas and also gain from each other’s expertise. Let them open up.

Knowing each other well leads to better understanding among employees and they seldom fight with each other, eventually leading to a healthy and positive work culture. It also leads to peace at the workplace.

Knowing employees helps managers to understand how he can motivate his team members and use them to the best of their abilities. It helps you to understand which team member would fit into which particular role and which employee would not do justice to his work?

Knowing employees helps you judge your subordinates well and hence there is no question of confusions at the workplace. There is seldom any overlapping of work and everyone knows what he/she is supposed to do? Individuals feel attached towards their organization and love coming to work.

Appreciate employees whenever they perform any extraordinary task. Praise them in front of all. Let him/her feel indispensable for the organization. This way, you are not only motivating the employee who has performed well but also others who have failed this time.

You need to keep a track on your employees’ performances and give them correct feedback for them to perform as per expectations. Team members can also give each other suggestions to yield better results.

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