Importance of Knowing Employees

Knowing employees plays a crucial role in motivating employees to deliver their level best. Knowing employees helps managers to understand their needs and expectations from the organization.

Managers need to know whether their team members are happy with their jobs or not? Do not make your employees feel ignored or left out. Believe me; they would hardly contribute towards the organization.

Unless and until the employees feel themselves indispensable for the organization, they would never take things seriously. In such cases, individuals attend office just to receive their monthly pay checks and treat work as a mere source of burden.

Do you ever think of speaking ill of your family members, friends or relatives? Absolutely NO. Then why always criticize your BOSS? Why don’t we feel like coming to our office whereas we enjoy so much at homes? Have you ever asked yourself?

Managers need to understand that employees need to be appreciated in order to perform consistently. Let them feel special.

Problems arise when managers do not acknowledge the hard work of employees. Remember; you are not paid for just sitting in your cabin and passing on instructions to your team members.

There are managers who do not even know their team members properly. Sit with your team members on a regular basis to know them, evaluate their work and provide correct feedbacks.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to guide your team members and help them achieve their targets within the stipulated time frame. Know which all team members are actually contributing towards the organization and who all are just coming to have fun at work place?

Appreciate employees who perform extraordinarily. Reward them suitably. Employees feel happy and proud to be a part of the organization when their performances are noticed.

Knowing employees well leads to a healthy work culture. When employees know each other well, they seldom fight and criticize fellow workers. Conflicts and misunderstandings not only spoil the ambience in the workplace but also increase the stress levels of individuals. Employees feel frustrated and find it extremely difficult to deliver results under such circumstances.

Do not stop your employees from talking to individuals representing other departments. What is the problem if people have friends at the workplace? Everyone is mature enough to understand that there are certain things which are confidential and should not be disclosed.

Team managers should also discuss an individual’s family, his/her personal life, relatives and so on once in a while but yes, do not interfere too much in their personal lives. Do not ask something which is too personal for an employee.

Employees feel happy when managers connect with them on a personal level. They feel like coming to work daily, face challenges with a smile and also constantly strive hard to take their organization to the top. Make your employees feel responsible for the organization. Let them understand that their projects or job responsibilities are just like their own babies and they need to be sincere and take good care of the same.

Managers need to know the names of all their team members and understand where all their team members are lacking and what all initiatives would make them a better professional. Knowing employees well leads to better results and better productivity.

When managers understand their employees well and vice a versa, there is hardly any problem and organizations become a better place to work.

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