Role of Leadership in Knowing Employees

Employees are the backbone of an organization who play a crucial role in its success and failure. Employees need to feel comfortable at workplace and work should never be a mere source of burden for them. Employees ought to be valued if you want them to deliver their level best. They need to be appreciated and their hard work ought to be acknowledged in front of all.

Leadership plays a crucial role in knowing your employees.

Believe me, gone are the days when managers used to keep their subordinates at arm’s length. This way, please do not expect your team members to listen to you or respect you. You need to make your employees feel important at workplace. Remember, as a manager, your job is not only to delegate responsibilities to your team members but also take them along. Please do not restrict yourself to your cabins only. Come out, sit with your team members, find out what they have planned for the entire day, know whether they are satisfied with their performance or not and so on.

What is the use of being a manager if you do not know what your team members are up to? Always make it a habit to call your team members by their first name. Avoid calling them by their nicknames. It is completely unprofessional. Make it a point to speak to your team members at least once in a day. Enquire about their family members, their well being etc but do not interfere too much in their personal lives. They might not like it. Employees expect managers to enquire about their personal lives but you do not need to interfere much.

Join your team members for lunch once in a while. Be careful; do not discuss only work during lunch hours. If you do so, don’t be surprised if your team members don’t call you for lunch the next day. Take them out for small get-togethers after work. Ask your employees to bring their families as well. As a manager, you have to take the initiative to bring the employees closer to each other and also know each other well.

Organize small activities at the workplace which help break the ice among employees. Who says you can’t be friends with your co workers. Yes competition is necessary at workplace but do not forget that we need people around to speak to, discuss our problems, share our happiness and so on. After all, we are human beings, not machines. There is no problem if you speak to individuals representing other departments as long as you are not revealing your team’s projects and strategies.

You need to be a strong leader who plays a crucial role in letting your team members know that there is someone who cares for them. They need to be supported and assisted in their day to day operations. Strong leadership goes a long way in binding the team together. Know what motivates your employees. Find out what all is lacking in your team members and what all additional skills can make them a better and efficient resource.

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