Things Employees Hide from Managers

Why do you think employees lie to their managers and superiors? There are several instances when employees feel compelled to hide the truth from their seniors.

Let us go through some instances where the phrase “Honesty is the best policy” does not work.

An employee will never tell his manager that the targets imposed on him/her are unrealistic and impossible. Individuals have a tendency to say a yes to everything their boss asks them to do. You need to negotiate. If you feel something is not possible, speak up in the beginning itself if you do not wish to face the music later on. Managers should not set unrealistic targets for their team members. Unrealistic targets compel employees to speak lies to their reporting Bosses. Employees should have the liberty to express their opinions and views. If you feel your manager is being irrational, you have all the rights to correct him. Do not forget to be polite. Never ever be rude to anyone at the workplace.

Job responsibilities should be assigned to employees as per their specialization, interest areas and capabilities. Some employees do lie in order to get jobs, but as a manager you need to be smart enough to understand in what all situations an individual can hide the truth from you. Do not impose anything on your team members. The moment work becomes a burden for employees, they start lying.

Do not be after an employee’s life to finish tasks. Competition is necessary to extract the best out of employees but be careful it should not lead to unnecessary pressure among employees. Employees lie when there is unnecessary work pressure on them. Give them enough time to complete their assignments provided the client does not want results in the shortest possible time frame.

Employees hide things from managers when managers do not share things with them. Remember as a manager, you need to be honest enough to expect honesty from your employees. It is essential to be transparent with your team members. Sit with your team members on a common platform; take their suggestions as well while formulating important strategies and policies. Employees should be very clear about the rules and regulations of the organization.

Managers ought to be sensible if they expect their team members to be honest with them. Do you think if you do not allow your subordinate to take a leave on his birthday, he would be honest to you in future? He would definitely find out some other excuse to take a leave on his special day. Be rational. Some days are special and no one likes to work on his/her birthday or anniversary.

Do not force your employees to make false commitments to customers. The moment you ask your employees to speak lies to customers, there is no guarantee that they would be honest to you also.

Managers should not interfere in any employee’s personal life. Do not ask anything to your employees which is not related to their job. If you ask your team member whether he is going around with his female counterpart, do you think you will ever get an honest reply? Avoid personal talks at workplace. Office is not a place where you can discuss your affairs, personal problems, your dresses, jewellery and so on.

Employees will hide things from you if you adopt a “Hitler” like approach at the workplace. Employees tend to play with information if you are too strict with them. You need to deal with employees sensibly and in a mature way.

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