Business Dressing Etiquette

It is rightly said that “a man is known by his dress and address”. Donning the right business attire will not only help you make a mark of your own but also climb the success ladder in the shortest possible time span. Do not just pull out anything from your wardrobe and wear it to work. Remember you can’t wear your party outfit to work just because it is expensive and looks good on you. It is not necessary that a shirt which looked good on you five years ago will still look good on you. Know what you are wearing. Do not step out of your home unless you see yourself in a full length mirror.

Do not wear loud colours to work. Blue, Charcoal grey, White, Black, Khaki are essentially some colours which every business wardrobe should have. Colours based on a neutral colour palette look good at the workplace.

Never wear gaudy accessories to work. Avoid wearing big earrings and too many bangles at workplace. The clattering sound of your bangles every time you hit the keyboard will not only disturb you but also others sitting around you. Do not blindly follow others. You need to create a style of your own. Keep your dressing simple yet elegant.

Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed properly. Remember, an individual to a large extent is judged by his clothes. Make sure your shoes are polished. You can keep a shoe shiner handy just in case you travel by bus or any other modes of public transport. Carry a black leather briefcase/bag to keep your laptop and other important files and documents.

One needs to smell good at the workplace. Apply a mild perfume.

Be very careful about the fit of your dress. Do not wear something which is too tight or too loose on you. Females ought to avoid body hugging and revealing tops to work. Dresses with a deep neckline are not meant to be worn at offices. Skirts should not be above the knee. Females should prefer wearing flats to work. Avoid being a make-up box. Females with long hair can tie their hair in a neat bun or a high pony tail.

Men should always tuck their shirts into pants to look professional. Make sure the shirt you are wearing is crisp and clean. Avoid wearing short sleeve shirts to work. Do not roll up your shirt sleeves and never keep the button which holds your collar open. Do not wear embroidered belts or belts with a broad buckle to work. Belts are not meant to hold your cell phone holders.

Do not wear a tie just for the sake of it. Remember your tie needs to complement your overall look. The tip of your tie ideally should touch the upper edge of your belt’s buckle. Wear socks to work.

Price has nothing to do with “smart dressing”. No one will ask you to show the label. Make sure whatever you are wearing goes with your personality and looks good on you. You need to be comfortable in your office attire.

Last but not the least do not forget to flash your trillion dollar smile. No dress would look good on you if you look sad and gloomy.

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