Corporate Dressing and Personal Grooming

Corporate dressing refers to sensible dressing at work place which helps an individual to make a mark of his/her own in the first meeting itself. Corporate dressing teaches an individual to dress according to the organization culture. Do not wear something which will make you feel odd one out at the workplace.

Dressing sensibly makes you feel confident throughout the day. Believe me; you do not feel like working if you wear a wrinkled shirt or ill-fitting pants to work. No one knows you better than you yourself. It is not necessary that something which looks good on your colleague would also look good on you.

Don’t purchase anything just because it is in fashion. Please use your common sense. If a dress is not looking good on you at the showroom, it will look the same even at home. Dress according to your body type, weight and complexion. Remember, appearances are extremely important.

Corporate dressing plays a crucial role in enhancing one’s personality. An individual with a pleasing personality is respected and appreciated by all. He can easily charm anyone and win people over.

You need to feel good about the way you look. Make sure your clothes fit you well. You need to feel comfortable in your dress. Too tight and revealing clothes make you popular at the workplace for all wrong reasons. Nobody bothers to notice you, if you are not sensibly dressed. Formal dressing, if done correctly helps you create the first impression. Remember, you seldom get a second chance.

Personal grooming and corporate dressing actually go hand in hand. Donning an expensive business suit will not help, if you are not neat and clean. Here comes the importance of personal grooming.

Personal grooming is defined as the art of cleaning and maintaining one’s body parts. Personal grooming is essential for everyone irrespective of the gender and nature of profession.

Personal hygiene, if neglected can ruin your personality. Would you feel like speaking to someone who has bad breath or someone who has sweat stains all over his shirt? I am sure the answer would be a big NO. The same goes with others as well. Flaunt your clean, simple yet elegant look.

Male professionals need to:

  • Shave Daily/Trim moustache or beard
  • Comb hair properly
  • Wear crisp, wrinkle free shirts preferably in subtle colours and well fit trousers in blacks, blues or greys.
  • Wear a mild perfume
  • Trim his nails

Female professionals need to:

  • Tie hair in a neat ponytail or bun.
  • Wear flats to work.
  • Wear minimal make up
  • Get rid of facial hair or hair in any other body part(hands, legs, area around the lip)
  • Smell good
  • Clean their hands, feet and take care of finger as well as toe nails. Preferably use a transparent nail paint.

Avoid wearing loud colours to work. Casuals, chunky jewellery, stacks of bangles, multiple chains /bracelets are strict no no at workplaces. Corporate dressing along with personal grooming help you create a presence that exudes professionalism, leadership, confidence and elegance.

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